Waxxpot Safety & Sanitation

Waxxpot is dedicated to your health and safety as we deliver the flawless, five-star service and wax experience you’ve come to expect from us.

Maintaining your safety, making you smooth. That’s our promise to you.

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Brazilian & Bikini Wax

Whether a first-timer or regular hair waxer, your comfort is key. All the essential deets on removing down-there hair, answered.

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EyeBrow Wax

Our most popular service. Reason being: Every face needs a killer set of brows. Our Waxx specialists help your brows take shape.

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Facial Wax

We go beyond brows. Lips, nose, cheeks, you name it. Full-face waxing (sans brows) is also offered as a package deal.

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We work with both female and male clients, everyBODY is welcome!

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We’re growing quickly and if you’re interested in joining our team or opening a location with us, please contact info@waxxpot.com