What to Expect?

Self-care starts at Waxxpot! Here are all the essential details to know before your first visit, so you can be completely relaxed.

Pre-Wax Prep

I love stubble, said no one ever. Skim through these pre-appointment steps, then get set for silky smooth skin to become part of your self-care routine!

Benefits of Waxing
Imagine this: You, only smoother, with newfound killer confidence to boot! From feeling sexy to looking good, the benefits of waxing go further than you realize.

Find Your Waxxpot
Your smooth self awaits at a Waxxpot wax salon near you. We’re growing quickly so find your local Waxxpot to book your service, purchase gift cards and make waxing a part of your self-care routine.

Get Ready
Grow your hair to 1/4″ so the wax can adhere to it. Exfoliate a couple times weekly to encourage healthy skin. Moisturize to keep skin soft and prevent hair from breaking.

During Your Visit

We’ll be quick yet thorough and walk you through every step so you can walk out confidently smooth.

Skin Consultation
Step inside Waxxpot and consult with your expert Wax Specialist to determine which wax formula best works for you and which areas of your body you’d like to address.

Exclusive Wax Formula
Our proprietary soft wax is carefully formulated to remove the smallest, hard-to-get hairs, prevent ingrown hairs and achieve unbelievably smooth results on even the most sensitive skin.

A Smooth Experience
You have high standards. We do, too. At Waxxpot, expect experienced, efficient Wax Specialists in a meticulously clean, chic setting. So sit back, relax and enjoy your self-care sessions!

Post-Wax Care

Your care is our priority, your satisfaction is our passion! Here’s how to maintain your fabulously smooth results.

Say no to hot showers, sweating, sex and tight-fitting clothing for at least 24 hours. We also recommend you wait 1-2 days after your wax to get a spray tan.

Use the Waxxpot Body Collection (CLEAN Body Wash, HYDRATE Body Lotion and PREVENT Ingrown Hair Serum) during and after showers to keep skin healthy, moisturized and smooth. Available in-store.

Follow your Wax Specialist’s suggestion on when to book your next visit. Waxing more frequently will get hair on the same cycle and thin out the follicle, helping with sensitivity as hair grows back finer and sparser.

Ready to Get Smooth?

New to Waxxpot? Let us hook you up with an incredible discount on your first visit. Choose your location to reveal your offer!

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