12 Benefits of Waxing You Don’t Know

waxing hair benefits

What are we waxing on about today? Well, everyBODY, we’re briefing you on waxing hair benefits. And believe us, there are plenty. And they go beyond the simple fact that you’ll be smooth. (Not that that’s not a fab bonus.)

So there’s one benefit right there. What else?

Waxing Hair Benefits

  1. Like we previously stated, you’ll be smooth. ’Nuff said.
  2. Waxing is fast and efficient. For example, our Brazilian wax here at Waxxpot takes 15 minutes, tops. Ladies, you dedicate more time in the shower to shave your legs evenly, am I right? (We should elaborate though—while our wax appointments are quick, we’re also completely thorough. We’re fanatic about giving you the best wax experience ever.)
  3. It’s convenient. You can wax at home or at a salon. We believe the latter is the best option, of course. Because, sure, at-home waxing is available, but why do so when the salon is just as accessible and much, much easier (not to mention speedier—see point above), more precise and less messy?
  4. Less irritating: Epilation, hair removal gels and creams commonly cause more irritation to skin than waxing. True, you may experience redness post-wax—but it usually subsides fairly quickly.
  5. Laser hair removal isn’t always an option for everyBODY. Factors like pain tolerance, cost and even skin tone can play a role. Laser hair removal also isn’t recommended for pregnant women. So bring on the wax.
  6. Waxing produces better results than shaving. You want unwanted hair gone, right? And not just gone for one day to simply feel prickly stubble the next (we’re looking at you, razor). See, the thing is, shaving simply sloughs away the surface layer of hair, leaving the follicle intact. Waxing removes hair from the root. So what that means exactly…
  7. …is that you’re smoother, longer. Because the more you wax, the longer it takes for hair to grow. Waxing deadens the hair follicle. Hair regrowth is much slower post-wax. (Following one wax appointment you’ll need to schedule the next about four to six weeks out, so that should give you a better timeframe of how long a wax can last).
  8. And the more you continue to wax, the better chance the regrowth hair becomes finer, softer and lighter (not rough or coarse). That awful feeling of leg stubble one day post-shave? Gone for good when you start your wax routine.
  9. You get to skip the shave. Take shaving to task—it’s not recommended between wax appointments. So even if you have the urge, don’t do it. Throw the razor away.
  10. And speaking of razors (we know, we know, they’re getting a bad rap again): Waxing eliminates the concern for nicks, cuts or razor burns often associated with shaving.
  11. Waxing promotes less ingrown hairs. When you wax, your skin is pulled taut and the wax or cloth pulled quickly. This allows for an accurate, less painful process (particularly if you book at a wax salon)—and lessens the chance of ingrown hairs.
  12. And finally: When wax is applied and stripped off, the outer layer of skin—and any dead, flaky skin cells—is removed along with the wax. Skin is exfoliated and texture improved. Just an added bonus. And who doesn’t appreciate that?

Now that you know waxing’s myriad benefits, book that wax!



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