Why Laser Hair Removal Isn’t Always an Option

waxxpot wax vs laser hair removal

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: We love waxing. (Shocker, we know.) Silky smooth skin—there’s nothing better, are we right? So schedule a wax appointment. Another alternative? Saddle up to laser hair removal. Both options help with the upkeep of staying smooth sans shaving (or threading, or tweezing, etc.). Waxing removes hair from the root in a swift manner. Laser hair therapy utilizes pulses of laser light to blast the melanin in the hair follicle (this ultimately damages then destroys the hair follicle). But here’s the deal: Laser hair removal isn’t always the best choice for everyBODY. And here’s why:

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful? Can Be.

Some say it’s purely uncomfortable, feeling like a rubber band snapping against skin, while others claim the treatment is tolerable. Conclusion: Tolerance truly varies from individual to individual. You need to consider your pain threshold.

Laser Hair Removal Cost

The expense can also be a conflict. Removal can run anywhere from $100 to $700 per session, depending on the treatment area (and the actual area—aka, location—of your treatment office). And most clients need to invest in four to 12 sessions to achieve optimal results. For many, waxing may be more cost-effective.

Consider Your Time

Not only are you investing money, you’re investing your time. Laser treatments are typically spaced out four weeks apart. And, as noted above, you may need up to 12 sessions. For many short on time, waxing is a better (quicker) choice—a wax appointment lasts minutes only.

your Hair Type Matters

On occasion, laser treatments can trigger more growth—longer and thicker—with particular types of hair. It’s not considered the greatest if your goal is to get rid of light peach fuzz, either.

Nix laser hair removal if you’re

  • …pregnant. It is not suitable for those expecting a baby. (Pregnant women, first of all, congratulations; secondly, opt for waxing. It is considered generally safe to wax while pregnant.)
  • …on Accutane or antibiotics. Laser hair removal is also not recommended for those who are on it. As well, reconsider if you’re using light-sensitive antibiotics, which could cause burns that may not heal completely.
  • …have a cold sore or breakout. Same goes for having an acne breakout. Wait until it is completely healed.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent? Not completely.

Will you get rid of hair forever? Well…we guess, sort of? There is no guarantee that it is permanent; much of it depends on your hair type. Meaning, the probability that your hair will grow back is high. You’ll need maintenance touchups—maybe not for a year, or two, or even longer—but eventually you’ll need them at least once annually.­

So to recap: We have nothing against laser hair removal. But if that option’s not the right one for you, waxing is where it’s at.



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