Keep Calm & Wax On: A Note on the Coronavirus

Keep Calm & Wax On: A Note on the Coronavirus

This post has been updated (April 21, 2020)

Coronavirus is top of mind for everyBODY, so a brief note to provide you with some peace of mind. Trust that Waxxpot has always had and will always have your best interest, health and safety at heart. Our signature is our clean wax salons.

So don’t worry. We’ve got you!

Because when we say our salons are über-clean, we’re not kidding.

  • We’re stocked with plenty of hand sanitizer you can use before and after your service.
  • Employees will be donning new Waxxpot masks.
  • We take great care to sanitize our beds and wax mats using Multi-Cide*, a hospital-grade sanitizer, after each client visit.
  • We use Multi-Cide to regularly sanitize all hard surfaces—carts, door handles, trash cans, pots—in treatment rooms and in the lobby.
  • Our Waxx Specialists properly disinfect tools during each shift. In between treatment use, they submerge tools in Multi-Cide for 10 minutes before rinsing with water to decrease chance of skin irritation. And the Multi-Cide is changed at the end of each shift. No exceptions.
  • Constant handwashing occurs throughout employee shifts. As well, our Waxx Specialists apply hand sanitizer before and after skin-on-skin contact. Always.
  • Our team sweeps and mops floors constantly.

And should you have additional questions, let’s chat. We’re here at [email protected].

ForPro MULTI-CIDE Hospital Grade Sanitizer & Disinfectant is a bactericidal, fungicide and virucidal cleaner. It is EPA registered and effective against athlete’s foot fungus, Aspergillus niger, Hepatitis B & C, HIV-1 and other virucidals.

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