I See Stubble After Waxing. What Gives?

I See Stubble After Waxing. What Gives?

Anyone who’s had a wax has probably experienced this scenario: You’re amped up at being smooth and then the next day or two—stubble after waxing. What gives?

We’re with you. We’ve been there. And we were annoyed (ok, maybe a bit infuriated). The first thought? Blame the waxer. But that was prior to us becoming truly informed.

So before you complain to your wax salon, read on as to why you’re not feeling as silky smooth so soon post-wax. Trust us, you’ll be enlightened. We were.

Stubble After Waxing

Here’s the deal: Stubble after waxing has to do with the stages of hair growth. Why do hair growth cycles matter?

  • They help explain the reason you might not be as smooth as you’d like following your first, second and even third wax.
  • And, because knowing these stages of hair growth can help you book your wax appointment at the right time.

Let’s dive into this further.

Our hairs grow in different cycles. Three, to be exact: anagen (growing stage); catagen (transitional phase); and telogen (resting stage). And if you haven’t yet established a wax routine, and are still using the shaving method to get fuzz-free, your hair will be growing in all three stages at once.

And since your hair is at various phases in the growth cycle, your initial wax may not remove some hairs that are in the anagen stage. These hairs will make their presence known when they’re good and ready, aka, maybe a day or so after your wax.

What to do if that happens? Schedule your next appointment a few weeks after that initial wax to remove that pesky new hair. Or, talk to your wax specialist about the best time to book.

Note it will, in fact, take a few waxes for hair to grow in the same cycle.* This is why it’s super important to start your wax routine early enough before a significant event like vacation, your wedding, etc..

Hope this helps!



*On a side note, if you’re a frequent waxer and seeing hair that quickly, there may be another reason. Dry, brittle hair could possibly have broken during your wax. Reduce this from happening by exfoliating (a couple to few times a week) and moisturizing (daily) between wax appointments.

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