3-Ingredient Homemade Body Scrub to Prevent Ingrown Hair

ingrown hair

Hey, everyBODY! First, and most importantly, we hope you and your loved ones are healthy and well. Secondly, we’re sending good vibes that you’re not going too stir-crazy while staying home. And thirdly, we want to remind you to show self-care while self-quarantining. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary to take care of you (even [and especially] if you’re tending to everybody else in your household right now). So to touch base on these points, here’s a homemade body scrub you have to try.

Why? Well, we’re always preaching to you the importance of exfoliating skin between waxes. So even if your wax routine may be slightly off at the moment, exfoliating will help ensure a smooth, flawless wax following your next appointment. Plus, times are stressful. Any spa-like experience helps.

Why Exfoliate? Two Words: Ingrown Hair.

  • Ingrown hairs. Ugh. A buildup of dead skin cells is the culprit. But ridding the hair follicles of these dead skin cells through exfoliation helps prevent ingrown hairs or other irritation like pimples.
  • It can also aid in eliminating redness.
  • Exfoliating prompts hair to point upwards and grow in the right direction, so wax can better adhere to it.
  • Exfoliating, when combined with moisturizing, helps prevent breakage of hair during your wax session.

DIY Body Scrub

Now not only are you prepping your skin for the next time you can wax, but there’s another bonus to this particular DIY body scrub. It has just three ingredients. Which means even if you’re the least Martha Stewart-like person alive, you can still whip up this body scrub, no problem.

And—wait for it: There’s a safe bet the ingredients are probably right there in your pantry or kitchen cabinets. So you’ll stave off your boredom for a bit and you don’t even have to venture out to the grocery store (or have the items delivered). It’s a win-win.

Stir something up while you’re going stir-crazy.

Homemade Body Scrub Recipe

  • 1 cup oil (coconut, olive, sweet almond, jojoba; coconut’s our fave, but use whatever you have on hand)
  • 1 cup brown sugar (regular granulated sugar works in a pinch)
  • Couple drops of essential oils (peppermint, orange, lavender, chamomile are excellent options)

Combine oil and sugar together before adding the essential oil. Store the mix in a container and make it your new shower essential.

Simple as that. Hit the shower and scrub, scrub, scrub. (Ok, ok, note there is such a thing as over-exfoliation though; limit your body scrub to two or three times weekly.)

Still stir-crazy? Maybe. But soft skin? Totally.

Enjoy and stay well (and ingrown hair-free)—and reach out if you need us. We’re here.



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