DIY Hand Masks to Treat Dry, Chapped Skin

dry hands

We know we’ve been in a handwashing frenzy as of late because of COVID-19. And that’s okay.

But what we’re not okay with? How dry our hands have become.

They need some serious soothing and they need it fast.

Because ever notice when hands are drier, they look (gulp)…older?

We guess it makes sense. The elastin, collagen and oils from sebaceous glands in hands diminish as we get older. Plus, the skin on the upper side of our hands (known as the dorsal surface) is super-thin. Add to that hands’ overexposure to basically everything (handwashing, UVA/UVB rays, etc.) and we get why hands are one of the first body parts to show signs of aging. But that doesn’t make it any easier for our vain selves to accept.

That’s why we have a ritual that’s become as necessary as washing our hands.

Drumroll, please…our hydrating DIY hand masks to do at home.

But hold your applause as that’s not the best part. This is: Because we’re all staying home, we’re keeping it simple. Like our homemade body scrub (designed to help prevent ingrown hair between waxes), many, or all, of the ingredients can be found right there in your kitchen (and your sock drawer—we’ll get to that).

And no, we’re not referring to the beloved, age-old Vaseline hand mask we’ve all heard about before. (Which is also beneficial, but we’ve updated these hand masks with our own twist.)

Say goodbye, dry hands.

Hydrating DIY Hand Masks

Homemade Avocado Hand Mask Recipe

1 ripe avocado
2 TB coconut oil
1 TB honey
Few drops of hyaluronic acid or argan oil (optional—we like to add a bit of our antiaging skincare serums to this recipe)

Combine ingredients together to create a paste-like mixture. Generously coat your hands with the mask and massage into hands for 30 seconds. Then slip an old pair of socks over your mitts (you can also use gloves) for 15 minutes or so.* Rinse with lukewarm water.

Homemade Oat and Milk Hand Mask Recipe

2 1/2 – 3 TB oats
1 TB olive oil
1 TB milk
1 TB lemon juice

Same steps as above. If you find the mixture too thick, ,add a bit more milk; too runny, add a bit more oats.

And if you’re really feeling in relaxed, Zen mode, coat your too-dry tootsies with one of these masks and don a second pair of socks.

Stay safe, well, healthy and positive, until we can see each other again at your next wax appointment. And if you need us, we’re here.



*Now, if you’re quarantining with your significant other and are embarrassed to do this in front of said person, wait until he/she passes out on the couch, takes a conference call, gets wrapped up in a Tiger King episode, etc. (Who are we kidding—at this point, we’re all probably pretty comfortable with each other.) Or, if you don’t care, take a cue from us who like to be extreme: Wear it to bed that night and get your beauty sleep.

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