What If I Decide to Start Shaving Again?

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So here’s the deal. You’ve been faithful to your wax appointments. You’ve seen waxing hair benefits. Your hair is growing in the same cycle. It has for some time now. But now you’re home for the unforeseeable future. And here comes the inevitable: You’re contemplating cheating on your wax routine. You’re thinking, “The waxing spa near me is closed. What if I decide to start shaving again?”

If you can, don’t. Stop the shave.

It really is for your own benefit.

We get it, we promise. Those of you who’ve had your Brazilian wax, bikini wax, etc. in the last few weeks are probably thinking, Phew! I’m good for a little awhile. Those who are longer out post-wax are groaning. We understand. It is seriously tempting to be in the shower and to reach for that razor when stubble starts to kick in.

But we’re going to tell you to pause and consider the repercussions. We mean, for starters, if you shave, what’s going to happen—most likely the very next day? You got it: stubble. Ugh.

So again, if you can, let’s reiterate this: Skip the razor. Don’t shave.

Because when you shave, here’s what happens.

Waxing Hair Benefits: Skip the Shave

1. What may come from shaving between waxes? Well, for starters, ingrown hairs (ugh). They’re irritating, they’re annoying, they’re painful, they’re swollen, they’re red and a ton more adjectives that we could list.

Now, yes, ingrown hairs can occur when waxing. But they are by far more common with shaving. Often the culprit is from using a razor with a dull blade, shaving too close to the skin, having extremely coarse/curly hair or shaving against, rather than with, the direction of hair growth.

Complementing ingrown hairs are itchiness, razor burn and other irritations that can come with shaving. (Did we mention the nicks and cuts that take you back to your tween years as a shaving novice?) No, thank you.

2. As for waxing hair benefits, well, for starters, waxing weakens the hair follicle. And by doing so, it makes the hair grow sparser and finer. It’s softer. Yes, waxing alters the texture of your hair. The reason: It’s being pulled from the root. (And when you start to wax regularly, the regrowth is also slower, as opposed to shaving, where prickly stubble kicks in, what, the following day or so?)

3. Not only is regrowth softer but it’s thinner, too. And thinner hair means less pain the next time you wax. So if you do shave, your next wax will hurt more. If that’s not reason enough to put down the razor, we don’t know what is.

4. Shave in between wax appointments and certain hairs may be too short to adhere properly to the wax at your next appointment.

5. Rest assured, shaving will throw off your wax routine. Your wax specialist may have already explained this to you, but here’s a good reminder: Hair grows in different cycles. It takes at least a few wax appointments before it grows in the same cycle. (Read more about the whole I-see-stubble-immediately-after waxing-thing.) So stick to a routine. Don’t shave…

…or essentially, you’re starting all over. Hello, square one, not-so-nice to see you.

What If I decide to start shaving again?

Now with that being said and even with us explaining the benefits of waxing, we know there are some of you out there that’ve cheated. You picked up the razor. And didn’t set it back down. Admit it. We’re not judging. (Ok, maybe slightly.)

So what now? What to do?

Let your hair grow out to reach the proper length before you restart your wax routine. It’s the ideal time to do so. We’re not socializing anyway or going out.

Reach out with any questions or comments.



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