How to Maintain Healthy, Flawless Eyebrows

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A post-coronavirus future is unclear even as states begin to roll out reopening plans. But there’s a very good chance donning masks in public—at grocery stores, bars/restaurants, parks, perhaps at our beauty appointments—will be the new norm, at least for awhile. What will people immediately see behind that mask? Your eyebrows, of course. So they better be amazing. And healthy. Your brow game had better never be stronger. But thanks to your previous Waxxpot eyebrow wax appointments, you’re already off to a great start.

here’s how to maintain those fab eyebrows

  • Let your brow hairs grow. While quarantining, we’re encouraging you to stop the shave when it comes to your leg hair, bikini line, etc…And in terms of your eyebrows, we suggest you nix the at-home depilatory creams and the like. They can seriously irritate. Skip at-home eyebrow waxing, too. You can easily run the risk of burning your skin. And don’t even get us started on how easy it is to over-tweeze. Or, over-trim your brows. Ugh, over-trimming. So put the tweezers and trimmers away, lock them in a drawer and throw away the key.Because brow hair takes a long time to come back—typically a few months. So take this time to let your brow hairs grow. Hang in there. That way, when you do return to the Waxxpot brow bar, you hairs will be long enough for the wax to hold on to.
  • Leave eyebrow waxing to the experts. Brow shaping is an art form—it depends on myriad aspects, including your eyes, bone structure, nose and face shape. And to balance the face, brows need to have an exact start, arch and end spot. If you’re not savvy about knowing where those specific points are, best to leave your eyebrow wax to your Waxxpert.
    And since the eyebrow wax is one of Waxxpot’s most popular services, when we say our Waxx specialists are the best, we 100% mean it and stand by that statement. They have weeks of extensive, hands-on training and know the best brow shape that complements your face.
    Complementing each waxxpert’s skillset is the quality of products used at our professional salons. Our specialty waxes make the hair removal process precise, with longer-lasting results. Plus, our exclusive formulas make the wax process less painful. We can’t think of a better reason to wait for your next Waxxpot appointment, can you?
  • Now, if your brows look more Bert than Cara Delevingne, it’s perfectly okay to tweeze the random stray hairs here and there. We’re referring to those seriously noticeable stragglers residing way underneath your arch and maybe one in between your brows. That’s all. What’s not acceptable is that you touch the top of your brow line. Leave that for when you return to Waxxpot.
  • Shade in brows to conceal any flaws. Your brows will look instantly polished (even if they are wild, bushy, out of control to begin with). Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil ($23) is one beauty tool we constantly come back to. A pencil on one end, a brow blending brush on the other. And it comes in several shades so you have your pick. It’s perfect until you can get back to your eyebrow waxing.
  • Brow shaping gel is your friend…If drawing in fuller eyebrows with a pencil is not your forte, try a couple of swipes of Hourglass Arch Brow Shaping Gel ($28). Boom. Your brow hairs look immediately groomed, plus, they stay in place.
  • …the magnifying mirror is not. It won’t be honest with you regarding your bad habits, i.e., when you partake in an overzealous tweeze spree in front of it. And. it’s. so. easy. to. do-slash-addictive. So back away from the mirror. In fact, put it away altogether.

Read more about eyebrow wax FAQs.



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