8 Different Bikini Line Wax Styles and Shapes, Explained

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Bikini wax. Brazilian wax. French wax. Hollywood wax. Say what? With so many wax service options out there for one’s nether-regions, how do you choose? And, what’s the difference? We discovered a comprehensive Cosmopolitan UK article on bikini line wax styles and shapes that’s pretty much the encyclopedia to down-there hair removal. It’s so good we had to share parts of it here. Read up on the various bikini wax types, and you’ll impress yourself with all you know the next time you step into a salon.

8 Different Bikini Line Wax Styles and Shapes

  1. Au Natural. Cosmopolitan assures you that “…there is nada wrong with leaving things down there 100% au natural…” We, of course, recommend the waxing route.
  2. Bikini Line Touch Up. When it comes to a bikini line wax, we say imagine the shape of a bikini bottom—it’s a cleanup of the sides and tops, aka, what’s seen around your bikini covering. Cosmo calls this style “ideal for a first-time waxer” and “a tidy up around the edges.”
  3. Full Bikini Line Wax. Additionally, there’s the full bikini line wax. Though akin to the bikini line touch up, the full bikini wax provides “a little more of a neaten up around the top and sides,” Cosmo says. At Waxxpot, our bikini full wax allows you the decision to take as much off the front area as you’d like, whether that’s nothing at all, a strip or a shape. It’s entirely up to you.
  4. French Wax: The Landing Strip. Want “to be smooth and clean of hair, without feeling too bare”? If yes, Cosmo suggests the French wax, where most of the hair is removed from around the front and sides, but the middle and around the back remains. The landing strip shape is classic.
  5. The Brazilian Bikini Wax: The Bermuda Triangle. We simply call a Brazilian wax, well, a Brazilian wax. It removes everything from front to back. Sometimes a bit is left in the front if you prefer.
    Cosmo’s explanation tacks on what’s known as the Bermuda Triangle. It “resembles a traditional bikini line wax (with just a neat triangle of hair left) but minus the fluff on your labia and bum.”
  6. The Brazilian Bikini Wax: The Desert Island. There’s also the Desert Island, which “leaves a small floating triangle on the pubic bone”…and “is most commonly paired with a Brazilian wax, but you can also opt for a mini triangle when going French,” Cosmo explains. Okay, then.
  7. The Love Heart: Basically some clever shaping of the pubic triangle, aka a heart-shaped patch.
  8. The Hollywood. A Brazilian wax can sometimes leave a bit of hair. However, with a Hollywood wax, there’s no hair left behind. Absolutely none. As Cosmopolitan states: “Be prepared to take your knickers off and don’t be embarrassed to get into some yoga-esque poses so your waxer can get everywhere, remember it’s nothing they haven’t seen before.”

Intrigued by one (or several) of these bikini line wax styles? Check with your wax salon to see if it’s offered (every waxing spa does things differently). And if you still have questions, read our waxing FAQs or find out why your first bikini wax shouldn’t scare you.



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