To wax or not to wax—there is no question: you wax. Eyebrow wax. Brazilian wax. Leg wax…the list goes on. But, of course, whether you’re a regular waxer or a newbie, you may have some queries prior to heading to that wax appointment. So here you go: the three most FAQs about waxing. We teamed up with Waxxpot master trainer Mallori McGuire to answer these common questions our wax specialists regularly receive from clients.

FAQs about Waxing

FAQ 1: Will waxing make my hair grow back thicker/stronger/darker?

Answer: Absolutely not! The more you wax, the less dense your hair grows back. Regular routine promotes the hair follicle to grow back finer, weaker and less pigmented.

FAQ 2: How often should I get my waxing treatment?

Answer: A typical hair growth cycle is 4 weeks. Routine waxing will ensure your hair growth cycle slows down, allowing you to maintain your results over a longer period of time with the potential to push service out up to 6 weeks.

FAQ 3: How long should I wait before working out post waxing?

Answer: We recommend waiting 24 hours before engaging in physical activities that would cause excessive sweating. (Read more waxing aftercare instructions.)

So there you have it, everyBODY. The three most frequently asked questions when it comes to wax services. We hope this helped prep you for your next appointment (and that you learned a little something, too!).

And, should you have additional FAQs about waxing? Visit our Bikini & Brazilian Wax FAQ, Face Wax FAQ and Eyebrow Wax FAQ pages. Or, contact us—because we can’t wait to hear from you!



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