Benefits of Eyebrow Waxing


The eyebrows can add a lot of visual weight to your facial appearance and specially if shaped correctly according to your face shape. A balanced shape of your eyebrows helps to obtain the desired look. Waxing is a method in which wax is applied on the unwanted portion of your hair and then pulled off using a strip of cloth. Eyebrow waxing is a good option if your eyebrows are too thick and dense.


Regrowth takes a long time

Waxing can remove the hair from its root. The re-growth period is longer since more time is required for the roots itself to develop. It usually takes about three to four weeks for the hair to grow back after waxing. The balanced shape of the eyebrow can be retained for a longer period of time after one waxing treatment.

It helps to provide a good shape

The main necessity of a beauty treatment like eyebrow waxing is to obtain fine shape for your eyebrows that complements your facial appearance. The flexibility of waxing allows your eyebrows to be shaped by using subtle removal techniques. Only that portion of the eyebrow which has been applied with the wax gets removed and others stay. So, an idea of the final shape of the eyebrows can be pre-visualized by applying wax on the portion to be waxed out.

Professional results

Our trained specialists have frankly probably the most experience in town when it comes to eyebrow waxing, its our most popular just ahead of Brazilians. They will know just how much of waxing is needed to get the right shape for your eyebrow. We will communicate with you all the way thru the waxing process.


The most interesting effect of eyebrow waxing is its eventual effect on the growth of eyebrows. After a couple of waxing treatments, the hair will start to grow in the right direction and the eyebrow will naturally gain a beautiful line. Waxing helps your hair cells behavior to produce a shape that holds the remaining traits of the face together. Therefore, a couple of waxing treatments can bring about permanent and lasting effects.

Soft regrowth

Waxing promotes softer regrowth of hair. Such an effect is beneficial if you have a dense growth of eyebrow hair. The regrown hair looks thinner and subtle enough to re-define the eyebrows with a new shape.

Less painful

Eyebrow waxing involves stripping off the portion of hair on which wax is applied by using a strip of cloth. The cloth will be pulled off very quickly. The resulting pain is experienced for only a few seconds. It doesn’t cause any side effects like bruising. Only the skin turns red for a short while. Everything becomes normal in a matter of few minutes.

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