Landing Strip or Triangle? Yup, We Go There.

bikini line waxing

You’re thinking of changing up your wax routine. You’ve gone classic bikini wax for awhile now, and it’s time for something different. You’re feeling a bit daring. So…landing strip or triangle? Here are the deets to help you decide before you book your next wax.

Landing Strip or Triangle: Landing

What exactly is a landing strip? (You know, in terms of waxing. And, it’s important to note, these terms, definitions and practices may differ depending on the wax salon.)

The landing strip (it’s also called the French bikini wax) removes hair from around the front and sides, essentially leaving a rectangular patch of hair in the middle. (Helpful hint: It doesn’t have to be a rectangular shape: There are different styles of landing strips: 1. Thin strip (1 to 2 inches long); 2. “floating”; 3. a strip that goes further down your labia…etc.

Also good to know:

*You need to request the landing strip. Before your wax gets underway, speak with your Wax Specialist and share that you want to leave a little something there.

*We have total confidence in you friend, but it’s best to leave this type of design to a professional and not try this at home.

*A landing strip is a good option if you’re overly sensitive to waxing (i.e., you find that it hurts more than it should). The reason: You don’t wax the area that’s typically the most sensitive, i.e., where the landing strip resides.

Landing Strip or Triangle: Triangle

What exactly is a triangle? (Again, as it pertains to the waxing world. And, again, good to repeat that the term-definition-method depends on the salon.)

Also known as a full bikini wax, a triangle ups the ante on a basic bikini wax. Your hair is removed into the shape of a triangle (hence the name), but the back (i.e., sides of the labia and in between cheeks) is also taken off.

*Essential tip: Again, communication is key. Tell your Wax Specialist how much you’d like taken off before you get started.

So Which One?

Landing strip or triangle, you can’t go wrong either way. And ultimately, it’s entirely your preference. Talk to your waxer about what shape you desire. Then switch things up.

And ICYMI, check out these bikini line wax styles.



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