10 Self-Care Activities That Are Actually Useful

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How do you engage in self-care? It’s ok if it’s a q in which you currently have no a. We’ve all had to adapt our lives in these challenging times. Been everything for everyone else. But here’s a gentle reminder that self-care shouldn’t be an exception. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others. And, hey, it’s Self-Care September—it’s the perfect excuse-slash-motivator to figure out what works for you.

Plus, we’re here to help you find your groove!

Because if self-care wasn’t a priority before, it should be now. And we say there’s no wrong way to invest in me-time so long as you actually take. that. time. And while most associate self-care with, say, a bubble bath or spa day, note that self-care goes beyond those typical experiences (not that they’re not utterly fab).

We’ve rounded up 10 other perhaps not-so-cliché self-care practices that are actually useful (aka, they provide amazing wellbeing benefits beyond just relaxation). Bonus: They’re so simple, you can literally incorporate them into your everyday routine.

Happy Self-Care September!

*Go for a walk. It’s just about the easiest form of exercise. Moving daily not only helps shed or maintain weight, but it’s a mood booster and stress reducer. (Stretch your muscles, stretch your mind.) That is much appreciated given current circumstances.

*Get your cute little self into the kitchen and try out a new recipe. Not feeling so Martha Stewart? Opt for a DIY hand mask or homemade body scrub instead.

*Take a class—bartending, language, dance. There are so many virtual options available right now, so take advantage of learning something new without having to leave home!

*Plan a trip. Yes, traveling may be a bit up in the air right now, but you can still daydream for when you are comfortable (or the world’s ready) to travel. Renew your passport, start an itinerary, save up for airline tickets, mentally map out the amazing wardrobe you’ll pack.

*Book a wax. Going to the wax salon is part of your self-care routine. Waxing is not a one-off but regular maintenance like going to the hair salon. Walk in, get pampered, feel smooth, walk out confident and uplifted. You know, all the good things (plus, smooth skin and fab brows to boot).

*Listen to a podcast. Read a self-help book. In today’s hectic-paced world, take a moment to be mindful, even if only for a few minutes. Schedule this time daily and set a reminder on your phone. Stick to it.

*Volunteer. Giving of yourself to help someone or a cause is seriously satisfying

*Hug your pet. There’s nothing better than having a good cuddle with your fave furry friend. Science backs up this claim; benefits include lowering blood pressure and heart rate and relieving anxiety.

*Dance it out. It just feels good. We have a Waxxpot Spotify self-care playlist should you need any inspo.

*Don’t feel obligated to say yes all the time. Just say no (politely, but firmly), even if it’s aimed at your nearest and dearest. Release any guilt about it and feel amazed at the sense of relief.

What are your self-care tips? Follow us on social—use #waxxpoetic and share the self-care love!



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