Waxing Versus Tweezing: This Is Why We Wax

eyebrow waxing

When it comes to waxing versus tweezing, we’ve always naturally gravitated toward waxing (you’re shocked, obvi). Sure, both methods remove the hair follicle from the root—but there’s definitely plenty to be said when it comes to adopting the eyebrow waxing route rather than tweezing.

(And, ok, yes, there’s one exception: If you have a glaringly obvious, unruly hair that needs to be gone between appointments, then by all means, it’s perfectly acceptable to pluck that lone stray hair. Just don’t go to town and get all tweeze happy. Remember, the magnifying mirror is not your friend. Repeat: The magnifying mirror. is. not. your. friend.

But we are. So we’re telling it to you straight: Put down the tweezers (toss ’em or bury them in the freezer next to that never-to-be-used-ever-again credit card) and keep reading.

Eyebrow Waxing versus Tweezing

This is why we wax and not tweeze:

*Tweezing makes it extremely difficult to achieve the best brow shape for your face, as well as the correct arch and volume. (Not to mention unevenness.) Don’t DIY; stick to a professional.

*It’s sooo easy to go on a tweezing binge. Like we mentioned above, if you’ve ever been on the business end of a magnifying mirror and a pair of tweezers, you know the situation in which we’re referring. Hello, barely there, overplucked brows; this is so not the look I was going for.

*Waxing is performed in one swift motion, making the process far quicker than tweezing.

*Slower means a likelier more painful process.

*Waxing can eliminate even those fine, baby hairs to create a smooth finish. Tweezing can grab a hold of thicker hairs but isn’t always as successful as getting those delicate ones.

*Results from tweezing don’t tend to last as long as waxing.

*Plus, tweezing areas outside the eyebrow zone, such as the bikini line or underarm areas, provides a greater risk of irritation like ingrown hair and infections.



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