7 Ways to Prevent Ingrown Hairs (You’re Welcome)

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Getting a wax and realizing your shaving days are O.V.E.R. There’s almost nothing better. Winning the lottery maybe. Or having flawless skin the rest of your life. But saying buh-bye to the razor? Right up there on the list of all-things-fabulous. On the flip side, what’s so not better: ingrown hairs. Way to put a halt on feeling all confident and smooth post-wax (big sigh here). But ingrown hairs happen, so here you go: 7 ways to prevent them. You’re welcome.

So what exactly is an ingrown hair?…

An “ingrown hair occurs when a shaved or tweezed hair grows back into the skin,” is how the Mayo Clinic defines it. Which results in anything from swelling to pain to small bumps where the hair has been removed.

And, unfortunately, one of the causes may simply be genetics. Case in point: Ingrown hairs are more likely to occur if you have coarse, curly hair.


Ok, really excellent. So now that we’ve established what an ingrown hair is, let’s move forward to a more important topic: how to fend it off in the first place.

A Medical News Today article caught our eye for its helpful tips on preventing bumps after waxing. Ingrown hairs apply for sure.


Yes, ingrown hairs don’t discriminate to the bikini area alone. You can get them following an eyebrow wax as well. To help prevent ingrown hairs, Medical News Today recommends you don’t:

  • Apply makeup for the remainder of day post-wax (Medical News Today suggests going sans makeup when arriving to wax appointments, too)
  • Put on any skincare product with active ingredients (AHAs, retinol, sulfur, Vitamins C and E, etc.) in the immediate post-wax period.
  • Apply moisturizers with fragrance following your appointment
  • Use retinol products for several days before your wax
  • Scrub or rub the skin with a towel

Arms, legs and bikini areas

Ingrown hairs aren’t cool anywhere (no kidding). To help avoid them in the arm, leg and bikini areas, Medical News Today proposes you refrain from:

  • Wearing constrictive clothing following your wax. Tight-fitting attire can irritate freshly waxed skin.
  • Picking, scratching (overall touching) bumps that may pop up post-wax

What you can do:

  • Give dry skin the brush off by exfoliating on the regular. Not only does this rid you of dead skin cell buildup that clogs hair follicles and the area around them, but it can help prevent new ingrown hairs and free existing embedded ones.
  • You can also calm or ward off ingrown hairs by investing in a nourishing aftercare product. Soothe by Waxxpot After Wax antiseptic solution is one of the beauty products we swear by between waxes. It specifically helps kill bacteria and combat irritation. (Check with your waxxpert or local Waxxpot for details.)

Now that we’ve hopefully soothed your fears about ingrown hairs, start booking! Find a waxing spa near me.



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