Why Waxxpot Believes in Self-Care

benefits of self-care

Self-care. Yes, it means different things to different people. And can be interpreted and practiced in myriad ways. But here’s what holds steadfast about self-care: It’s a must, not merely an indulgence. We can’t stress that statement enough, so here it is a second time: Self-care is a must. Say that on repeat until it sinks in. It’s cool. We’ll wait.

And we’ll explain.

Why Waxxpot Believes in Self-Care

Sparing moments for yourself is necessary, not something you do or schedule on the rare occasion. Simply put, take care of yourself. Paying attention to body, mind and spirit is the solution to your healthiest, happiest, fullest life.

At Waxxpot, we advocate self-care everyday, not just through Self-Care September. We get that it’s not always easy. In all honesty, it’s pretty dang difficult. Even more so now, because, 2020.

But trust when we say, you need to invest in me-time this September (and hopefully beyond, but this month is a good start). Take yourself off that backburner. Make YOU a priority. We give you permission (just in case ya need a little nudge!). And don’t feel guilty. Taking care of yourself requires time.

And however you self-care—a wax, massage, mani/pedi, workout, call to your sis—do it. Book it. Invest in it.

Then inspire us on social by sharing your wellness practices this September. #waxxpoetic



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