Square, Oval, Heart-Shaped: The Best Eyebrow Shapes for Your Face

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We have a love-hate relationship with our eyebrows. We love our brows when they look good (case in point: following a Waxxpot appointment…did we say good? We meant fabulous.) and hate them when they run wild on our face. We despise them even further when our brow shape doesn’t quite complement our face shape (meaning: we booked with someone other than a Waxxpot waxxpert). Now you may ask, “Does face shape really matter when it comes to your brows, or what?” Um, yes, absolutely. As we’ve come to realize, our brows either accentuate our favorite facial features—or are just simply there, taking up space on our face. Read on for the best eyebrow shapes for your face. Decide which one works for you. Then get to a Waxxpot. right. now.

The Best Eyebrow Shapes for Your Face

  1. Diamond: Opt for the rounded brow, which helps proportion a diamond-shaped face structure—where the cheek area is wider than the forehead and chin. Rounded brows make the widest part of the face appear narrower. Refrain from high-arched brows that tend to make the face seem longer.
  2. Heart: We love a heart-shaped face (most likely derived from our Reese Witherspoon obsession), and adore the brow shape that works best with said structure: rounded. Rounded brows with a soft curve—heart-like, really—mimics the heart-shaped facial structure (wider forehead, narrower/pointier chin).
  3. Oblong: Plump up your face and make it seem fuller with thick and short brows. Straight brows also make the face appear shorter.
  4. Oval: Those with oval faces can enjoy a low-maintenance brow—and still look good (lucky you!). Your best look: a soft-angled arch. Nothing too drastic needs to be done here. Tidy up the inside arch without removing too much hair. Straight brows also work, as they help widen oval faces and can even allow smaller eyes to look bigger.
  5. Rectangular: If your face is longer than it is wide and you rock a square jaw and perhaps a higher forehead, you probs have a rectangular face. Help add some curve to your face with rounded brows.
  6. Round: Let’s add some definition, shall we? Shoot for a hard-angled arch; not only will it add definition, it’ll give the illusion of a slimmer, longer face.
  7. Square: A simple trick to soften a square-shaped face: rounded or soft-arched brows.

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