Eyebrows. They frame your face. Can potentially make you look younger. More refreshed. More polished. More fabulous. Achieve the right brow shape and you’ll bring out your best facial features. So level up your beauty routine. Browse our Waxxpot brow guide to determine the difference among eyebrow shapes and which one suits you best.  (Hint: When in doubt, ask your waxxpert.)

7 Basic Eyebrow shapes

  1. S-shaped: Starts with a subtle, low arch on a curved brow and ends with a downward-sweeping tail, similar to an S shape (i.e., Angelina Jolie’s brows).
  2. Straight: Little to no arch present; almost horizontal. Fun fact about straight brows: They can look fab whether thin, medium or thick.
  3. Rounded: soft curve without a defined arch.
  4. Thick and short: Pair thick and shorter brows simultaneously and you have an excellent option for people with a smaller face or those seeking a more youthful look.
  5. Thin: Exactly like it sounds. (Those having ’90s-era flashbacks [when pencil-thin brows ruled fashion runways] know this brow shape remains a current style because it complements people with petite facial features.)
  6. Steep arch: Often described as dramatic and bold with its high, curved, defined arch. This brow shape lifts the face (and is seriously cheaper than an eye lift!).
  7. Soft arch: slight, shorter arch (think more rounded, less angular).

So which brow shape works for me? Stay tuned—we’ll share the best brows for your face shape on the Waxxpot Blog soon!

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