Booking your first Brazilian wax. It’s kind of a big deal, right? We think so, too. Now what comes next upon scheduling that appointment—one big swell of anxiety that stems from the unknown? Nope. Not on our watch. Read on as we walk you through what to expect the first time you get a Brazilian wax. Any questions you may have, we have them answered here.

You’re probably going to toss your razor once you’ve had one. Just saying.

What is a Brazilian Wax?

Let’s start with the basics: What’s a Brazilian wax? Unlike a bikini (line) wax or bikini (full) wax, a Brazilian wax removes all hair from front to back. Go completely nude or leave a small shape if you’d like. Up to you.

What Can I Expect?

For starters, everyBODY, know this: Waxxpot is in the business of making you feel confident. Your Brazilian waxing appointment should be an absolutely stress-free experience, never an awkward, nerve-wracking one, even if you’re brand-new to waxing.

  • Surprises are great when it involves birthday parties and puppies. A Brazilian wax? Not so much. So don’t worry: Our waxxperts talk you through every step so you can relax.
  • And our waxxperts spend weeks of hands-on training and education. You’re in good hands, guaranteed.
  • The specialty wax formulas we use were created to make your wax as painless as possible.
  • You’ll be smooth in 15 minutes. Yes, you read that right: 15 minutes. (We’ve skimmed through Netflix options longer than this on several occasions.)

What Happens during a wax?

Once inside your private treatment room, you’ll hang up your belongings and disrobe from the waist down. Use a courtesy wipe to remove any excess oils prior to waxing then get settled on the treatment bed.

Your waxxpert tests the wax to ensure of the proper operating temperature. The soon-to-be-waxed area is cleansed and sanitized, followed by an oil application that essentially creates a barrier between your skin and the wax.

Now throughout the actual wax process, never hesitate to speak up if you feel any discomfort or if the temperature of the wax needs adjusting. And (very important!) don’t forget to breathe—when you relax, your first-time wax experience will be much smoother (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun).

Once complete, your waxxpert applies Soothe aftercare solution to calm skin and help prevent future irritation. She will also suggest your future wax appointment game plan in order to get your hair on the same cycle. (And don’t worry—it’s completely normal to see new hair growth in between your first three wax treatments.)

And you’re on your way! Smooth in 15 minutes.

Does a Brazilian Wax Hurt?

Utter honesty here: A Brazilian wax may hurt. Or it may not. It really hinders upon your pain threshold. But what we can share with certainty is the more times you wax, the less it hurts. Yes, this might not apply here because it’s your first-time getting a Brazilian wax. But believe us, there’s an excellent chance you’ll become addicted to waxing and your next treatment (and the following one after that and the following one after that) will feel less and less uncomfortable. (Plus, reread above bullet point about Waxxpot’s specialty wax formulas.)

What to do before a Brazilian Wax

Prepare for your Brazilian wax with these few super-simple guidelines.

  • Grow your hair to 1/4 inch.
  • Exfoliate and lightly moisturize the day before your wax but never the day of.
  • Take Advil a half hour pre-appointment if you have concerns about any pain.
  • But skip the wine and coffee pre-wax (sorry). Imbibing can cause water retention, which leaves skin more sensitive.

(For more tips, read 10 Brazilian Wax Tips to Know before You Go Bare.)

What not to do after a Brazilian Wax

Waxing aftercare instructions are as pertinent as pre-wax prep.  We’ve listed our top six tips here, but keep reading: We divulge additional advice on how to make your Brazilian wax last.

  • Wear loose clothing so there’s no rubbing and your skin is able to breathe.
  • Don’t exfoliate or touch the newly waxed area—your skin will appreciate it, plus it’ll help prevent ingrown hair and bumps.
  • Avoid anything hot: showers, saunas, sex, workouts.
  • Use our Soothe lotion after showering a couple of times weekly. This antiseptic aftercare solution kills bacteria and reduces irritation in between waxing treatments.
  • Don’t shave. It takes a few wax appointments for hair to grow in the same cycle. Shaving means starting over. (Plus, waxing thins out the hair follicle. You’ll notice your hair regrowth will be much slower. Not so with shaving, when you notice stubble, what, the very next day?)
  • Book your next Waxxpot appointment—because trust us, you’ll be hooked!



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