10 Brazilian Wax Tips: Know Before You Go Bare

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Spontaneity. It’s the spice of life, for sure. But with some situations in life, it’s best to be prepared. Case in point: Before you go in for your Brazilian wax. Because we get it. We do. This particular type of wax appointment seems incredibly nerve-racking. But the operative word here, everyBODY? Seems. Because a wax doesn’t have to be intimidating, not even for the modest type. We promise. It’s just a little bit of prep work prior to having your hair down there removed. No probs: We reveal the 10 Brazilian wax tips you should know before you go bare.

And you’ve already booked your wax (yay!), so the hard part’s over.

Now shed the nerves and release the insecurities ahead of your appointment.

We’ve got you!

Brazilian Wax Tips

For starters, know what you’re getting into. What’s the difference between bikini and Brazilian waxing? Unlike a bikini wax, a Brazilian wax is the removal of everything, all hair from front to back.

Now that we’ve established that, here are all the essentials to get you ready for your Brazilian wax.

brazilian wax1. Pop a pain reliever. Waxxpot designs our specialty formulated waxes so your Brazilian wax is less painful (and more precise, FYI). But if you’re nervous about the pain, take an Advil or the like approximately 30 minutes in advance of the wax appointment.

2. Wear loose clothing. Bust out the cotton panties in your collection because they’re the most ideal (i.e., essential) item to wear to your wax.

3. Make sure your waxing hair length is the appropriate one: about a 1/4 inch. So toss your razor in the trash. Waxing is gonna make you say, “So long, razor,” anyhow. Trust us.

4. Divulge deets: Pre-wax, disclose any sensitivities, allergies, prescriptions you’ve recently taken (or the nervousness you’re feeling) to your Wax Specialist.

5. If asking questions eases your anxieties, then by all means, keep ’em coming. Need your waxer to walk you through the process? Strike up small talk. Not the chatty type? That’s okay, too. Our Wax Specialists will follow your lead.

6. The act of eliminating dead skin cells preps your hair for waxing. Meaning: Exfoliate your skin the day before your wax…

7.…But on the day of your wax, avoid the lotions and creams because they can interfere with the process.

8. Adding to the previous point, skip tanning your to-be-waxed area 24 to 48 hours prior to your wax. Sensitive skin and whatnot, you know.

9. Another item to shy away from: stimulants. Shun alcohol pre-wax (sorry). Yes, a glass of vino may help you relax, but consuming it can cause water retention and leave skin more sensitive. So pop the bubbly and cheers your smooth self—post-appointment only. Same goes with caffeine.

10. Most important: Breathe. Yes, Brazilian waxing is a sensitive area (both literally and figuratively). You’re disrobed from the waist down, but don’t let that deter you. Our Wax Specialists are complete pros. In a completely professional atmosphere. And just think of the smooth skin you’re going to have in the next 20 minutes or so.

Have questions? We answer even more on our Brazilian FAQ page. Or, find a Brazilian wax near me.



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