Hey, everyBODY! A quick intro here. It’s our first Waxxpot blog post, and we want to introduce ourselves. So, hey, how’s it going? And, we want to say, we’re here for you. Because Waxxpot is more than just waxing services. Sure, we’re your wax specialists—but we’re also your skincare-slash-beauty experts, your face shape consultants, your jack-of-all-trades when it comes to achieving your smooth…And, if you’re a repeat Waxxpot client (hey there!), we see you probably every few weeks, so suffice it to say, we likely have a fairly close relationship.

So what can you expect from Waxxpot? Let’s recap:

  • Firstly, we’re a waxing salon. Might’ve guessed from our name: Waxxpot. We specialize in removing your unwanted hair, so you don’t have to. From brows to Brazilians and everything in between.
  • Secondly, we wax everybody (men, this includes you). And we wax every body. Unruly brows? They’re a cinch for us. Annoying upper lip stubble? Done. Bikini area needs tidying up? Smooth sailing for our wax specialists. So throw away the razor, shun those shaving nicks, stubble, irritating ingrown hairs, etc. and skim our wax menu, stat.

    So what exactly makes up our wax menu, you ask? For starters, eyebrow waxing. It’s one of our most popular services, along with the Brazilian wax and bikini wax (both full and line—we’ll discuss the difference at a later date). As well, you have a bevy of body wax and face wax services. Seriously, we’ve got you covered when it comes to going bare.
  • Now what else can we share with you? Well, we’re one of the best waxing services in the nation. We’re not bragging. Okay, maybe a teensy bit, but it’s not bragging if it’s true, right?
  • We’re professional. Our Waxxpot wax specialists exhibit high, uncompromising standards while being committed to your best interest. They’re extremely knowledgeable, experienced (undergoing weeks of training) and respectful. Basically all the qualities you’d want when it comes to your waxer.
  • We’re in the process of expanding across the country. Brazilian wax, Columbus audience? We’re here. Eyebrow waxing, Denver? Find us there, too. Chest waxing, Austin? Yup. Find a wax salon near you.
  • Finally—and this might be our most important point—at Waxxpot, everybody and everyBODY’s welcome. Waxxpot is a judgement-free zone. We make waxing accessible and approachable. Because there are some things we can’t agree on. But the one thing we can? Smooth is sexy. So see us in person! Book your waxing appointment now—and if you’re brand new to us, try us for FREE.* Pretty sweet. Great for your body and your budget.

So what to expect from our Waxxpot blog?

Oh, our Waxxpot blog. Here’s where we wax on about beauty, the body and everything in between. So stay tuned. Come back often and join our community.

Anything you need? Want to chat? Reach out. Leave us a comment here or email info@waxxpot.com. As we stated, we’re here for you.

Until we wax on about something else,

xx, Waxxpot


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