Brazilian vs Bikini Wax: Which One’s for You?

brazilian bikini line wax

To each their own, we always say and that goes for your waxing preference. So Brazilian vs bikini wax: Which one’s for you?

And don’t stress if you’re unsure. You can’t go wrong either way; let’s be real, they’re both pretty fab.

Read on for all the details (for instance, what’s the Brazilian vs bikini wax difference?) to help you decide which wax you want to book.

As we like to say: Go bare, we’ve got you covered.

Brazilian vs Bikini Wax Difference

Avoid any confusion or uncertainty going forward—here’s how Waxxpot distinguishes the following waxes to remove down-there hair.

Brazilian Wax

Removes everything from front to back

Bikini Line Wax

Makes you smooth and tidy around the edges, eliminating unwanted hair on top and sides outside of your underwear line (or bikini bottoms)

Bikini Full Wax

Takes the bikini line wax a step further, providing you the chance to wax additional hair off the top

What We Love About Both Services

*They’re both super-quick treatments. (Waxxpot’s Brazilian wax? Takes 15 minutes. Hello!)

*Both waxes exfoliate the skin. How so? Waxing sheds any dry, dead skin cells camping out on the surface level.

*You’re smoother, longer than you would be if you tried another hair removal method, like say, shaving. Waxing removes hair from the root, while a razor merely cuts off hair at your skin’s surface.

*A Brazilian or bikini wax not only leaves your skin fantastically smooth, but your confidence will skyrocket.

How to Prep for a Brazilian or Bikini Wax

Prepping’s pretty much the same for both services. A quick rundown here (and be sure to check out this extended version of waxing tips).

*Grow your hair. A 1/4″ long is the length that works (the wax needs something to adhere to).

*Exfoliate (not the day of, but a couple of times weekly before). This helps prevent the hair from becoming brittle and breaking during your wax. Plus, it trains the hair to point up in the correct fashion and prompts it to grow in the right direction.

*Moisturize (all the time except for the day of your wax). Again, this provides soft skin and prevents the hair from becoming dry and brittle.

What to Do after Your Brazilian or Bikini Wax

Aftercare instructions for both types of waxing are fairly similar, whether you’ve booked a Brazilian wax or a bikini one. (We make it easy for ya!)

*Stick to airy, loose-fitting clothes and skip the workout or anything involving heat-slash-sweat (from showers to sexual activity to tanning) to avoid any further skin irritation.

*Utilize Soothe by Waxxpot After Wax aftercare antiseptic lotion to help combat issues like ingrown hairs.


Now That You’ve Scrolled Through This Story…

Brazilian vs bikini wax—which one’s for you? (Like we previously stated, you can’t go wrong, whatever wax you decide.)



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