5 Reasons You Should Consider a Lash Lift

lash lift

Our lashes? We always carry them with us. And they always show up for us, no matter how badly we treat them. Sleeping in our mascara, rubbing our eyes, overusing that eyelash curler, even pulling out the delicate hairs when a bit too stressed…All the wear and tear we place on eyelashes—whew! Consider giving them a bit of a break: Book a lash lift.

Yes, we realize this may sound counterintuitive. Give lashes some much-deserved time off, yet treat them with a beauty technique. But trust us, it’s worth it. And here’s why.

5 Reasons You Should Get a Lash Lift

*A lash lift semi-permanently lifts lashes from the root. Therefore, a lash lift works with what you have. You’re not adding anything like you would with, say, lash extensions. Rather, you’re merely enhancing what’s already there.

*Curled lashes make your eyes pop and appear larger (meaning: more well-rested).

*You can toss your eyelash curler. (And even your mascara.) Your newly lifted lashes are a force on their own. So give those fine hairs some much-needed time off from the beauty products and go au naturel.

*The results are sensational (and we don’t use that term lightly). But for real, get ready to snap a selfie because you are gonna feel your most glam.

*If done properly, your lash lift can last anywhere from six to eight weeks (even 10 if you’re truly lucky!). Of course, it entirely depends on the speed of your lash growth cycle.

Bottom line: We could all use a little boost now and again, whether it’s our lashes or our confidence. Book your lash lift now!



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