How Eyebrow Tinting Is a Beauty Routine Game-Changer

eyebrow tinting

As we grow older, we grow wiser (hopefully). And that pertains to everything, even our beauty-slash-self-care routines. We know what creams, lotions and potions work best with our skin type to maintain that youthful glow. We’ve become aware that when we don’t get 7 hours of sleep you’d better not cross us. And our eyebrows, oh, our eyebrows. We’re become pros at regularly booking that brow wax. (DIY brows? Uh no. We learned our lesson the hard way with that nightmare combo called darn tweezers and a magnifying mirror.) And since becoming wiser, we also realized how to elevate our brow routine with eyebrow tinting.

And here’s why.

Why You Should Try Eyebrow Tinting

*Eyebrow tinting is a subtle change that makes a huge difference. Much like waxing, eyebrow tinting is a technique that shapes and defines your natural arches. And, similar to a lash lift, this beauty technique—where your Wax Specialist smooths semi-permanent dye over your brows—is all about enhancing what you already have. Your natural brows will look instantly groomed.

*It’s a seriously quick beauty treatment, typically taking around 15 minutes or less at a salon.

*Gone are the days when you’d apply Jolen cream bleach to your brows (not to knock it because we loved it at the time, but we’re-getting wiser with age, remember?). Eyebrow tinting creates an extremely natural look for your brows. That is, if you go to a pro. Your technician determines and even custom mixes the appropriate, most complementary color for you.

And let’s be real, you should always go to a professional salon anyway—one with licensed technicians, safe formulas and techniques and exceptional sanitation practices.

*Eyebrow tinting will last anywhere from four to six weeks (though be aware the dye will slowly fade throughout this timeframe). See: 7 tips to make your eyebrow tinting last longer.



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