7 Tips to Make Your Eyebrow Tinting Last

eyebrow tinting

You’ve tinted your brows and they’ve never looked better. Changed your life. (Much like leg waxing did.) Made you wonder how you ever lived without this transformative beauty treatment. Every time you pass a mirror you catch a glimpse and marvel at your gorgeous, polished self, tinted brows included. You’ll continue to do so as the tint lasts for about a month—or even up to six weeks. Yay! So how to maintain that awesome color (and amped confidence) even longer? Get your glow up with these 7 tips to make eyebrow tinting last.

Eyebrow Tinting Aftercare Tips

*Go to a pro. Seriously, head to the salon (this goes without saying, but we, of course, adore Waxxpot 😉). Your tint—and brows—will look far more natural, more well-groomed in the hands of an expert. Ever done a DIY dye job on your brows and end up staining the surrounding skin (or worse, get it in your eyes)? We did, too, until we got smart and headed to the salon. Plus, dyes used in salons last longer.

*Opt for a darker shade. Don’t worry if your brows look too dark to begin with because the color will fade after a few days (we know, sad). But because of this it’s better to go darker from the start.

*Go easy on the grooming tools. We know you love your eyebrow brush (we do, too!). But use a light touch, especially post-tint. One quick swipe and you’re set.

*Skip the oil-based beauty products (makeup remover, cleansers and the like), which strip the tint. Switch up your beauty routine with a cream or gel cleanser.

*Keep your brows dry for at least 12 hours post-appointment. This allows the dye an opp to absorb into the hairs. Simply (and carefully) cleanse around the brows when washing your face the evening of your appointment.

*Hands off: Don’t touch your brows for several hours after tinting as well.

*Don a hat or apply sunscreen when outdoors.

Ready to try eyebrow tinting? We don’t blame you; make your appointment, then try these tips!



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