This Is Why Waxing in Winter Makes Total Sense

hair growth cycle waxing

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to be smooth (and to discover how a hair growth cycle actually correlates with waxing!).

Consider this: Now’s the perfect time to get going on that wax routine. Hear us out (and eliminate any future comparisons to your hairy self and an ugly Christmas sweater).

Your hair is a wild child. It grows in different cycles. Hence, the stubble after waxing you may see almost immediately post-initial wax. Annoying, we know, but there’s a solution, for sure. Just let this hair, which resides just below your skin’s surface, grow so it can be removed at your second wax service.

Another thing about hair growth cycles: It takes a few waxes to get hair on that same cycle. And a typical hair growth cycle is four weeks, i.e., you’ll be scheduling each waxing appointment about a month apart.

Therefore, start now and train your hair to grow in complete sync just in time for spring break.*

And speaking of spring break….it’s about to be a New Year, and we’re game. Excited to travel, to get close to people again, to secure those self-care routines. Those plans that were delayed last year? Make them. Then make Waxxpot part of your plans as well, so you’re prepped and ready to go. Let’s get after 2021!




*Quick sidenote: By establishing that wax routine, your hair is going to grow in softer and finer—and take longer to come in, which results in a longer timeframe between appointments! 🙌

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