Waxes You Have to Book in 2021

full body wax benefits

Spontaneity. Let’s embrace it, shall we? Because a New Year is all about taking chances, making resolutions to attempt something you’ve never done before. So how about a wax service or beauty treatment you’ve yet to try? Say, a bikini line wax? A stomach one? And never underestimate full body wax benefits. Think about it…

Resolution #1: Throw razor away.
Resolution #2: Book your Waxxpot appointment.
Resolution #3: Go to the wax salon near you, have some self-care me time, feel pampered and be fabulously smooth.

(Bonus: These are resolutions you’ll actually keep!)

So up your waxing game in 2021: Switch up your regular routine and book the following self-care services. Full-body wax benefits are where it’s at. Some suggestions here:

*Bikini waxes are your mainstay. How about trying a Brazilian for a change? Or trying different bikini line wax styles than your typical go-to?

*Leg waxing has forever been a staple in your beauty routine. Switch it up by trying an arm wax on top of it.

*Lash lift your thing? Tack on lash tinting, too.

*Underarms: We’ve previously touted the wonders of waxing your underarm area. Try it, then throw your razor away for good.

*Hands and toes: You never know how amazing (and amazingly smooth) you’ll feel until you get your hands and toes waxed. Seriously, it’s so super-quick and will leave you wondering why you didn’t do this eons ago.

Here’s to 2021 and the smooth, fab you!



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