Underarm Waxing. Yes, You’ll Absolutely Love It.

waxing benefits

Whoever thinks armpits aren’t sexy never went to Waxxpot. No, seriously. Allow us to introduce you to underarm waxing. You don’t even realize how much it will change your life until you do it. Yes, it’s a bold statement. But we stand by it because it’s entirely accurate.

Get a leg up (armpit up?) on being smooth.

Why You Should Wax Your Underarms

For several reasons, but for starters…

*Because the alternative is either having hairy underarms (which is totally fine if you prefer!),

*or having to shave daily (or at the very least every other day). Think about that feeling of skipping the shave every time you shower….liberating, right? Sure, shaving’s become a mind-numbing habit at this point, but wouldn’t it be nice to have that time back?

*Shaving garners a higher chance of skin irritations like ingrown hairs (not to mention [ugh] nicks).

*Waxing not only makes you smooth, but it exfoliates the newly hair-free area. It’s just one of the many benefits of waxing.

*Hair regrowth becomes thinner and slower over time, provided you wax consistently.

*No stubble worries for weeks. I mean…there you go.

What to Expect

What happens during an underarm wax varies depending on the salon. But essentially the steps consist of:

*Area cleaned and dried.

*Wax applied in same direction as hair growth and removed against the direction of hair growth.

*Hard wax is commonly used for coarser hair like what’s found in underarms.

Now the always popular question: Does armpit waxing hurt? It’s not completely painless, and of course it depends on your pain tolerance, but here’s the good news: The underarm area is a small one. Meaning it will be quick, with little wax used. And the more you wax, the less and less it will hurt. (That’s another one of those remarkable waxing hair benefits.)

Plus, know this: When you first start waxing, the length of time it takes for hair regrowth may not be as long as you’d like. Seeing stubble after waxing too soon? Don’t worry; the more consistently you wax, the longer you can go between wax appointments. At the end of your initial wax, your wax specialist will recommend the next time you should come in.

Pre- and Post-armpit Waxing Tips

We provide a bevy of pre-wax tips for you to skim, but here’s an important one to remember with underarm waxing: Clean, dry armpits are a must. Don’t go overboard on the deodorant prior to your appointment, as it can interfere with the wax and hinder the hair removal process.

As for aftercare waxing instructions, there are plenty, but here’s arguably the biggest one: Don’t shave. Once you begin a regular wax routine, your hair will get on the same growth cycle. If you pick up that razor, you’re essentially starting over. Buh-bye, slower, sparser, thinner hair regrowth. It’s not worth it. So, again, don’t shave.

Once you wax, you’ll never go back. Smooth, hair-free underarms for three to four weeks.

See? Totally sexy.



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