What Not to Do After Waxing

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So you’ve just had your wax appointment. What to do? For starters, marvel at your smooth self. (Seriously, we won’t judge. We do it, too.) Step 2, schedule your next Waxxpot appointment so you can continue maintaining said smooth self (because when to wax matters). So there’s that. Now in reverse, what not to do after waxing? There are quite a few things that we’ll touch on in another post, but for the moment, here’s a big one—in fact, it’s what Equinox recently dubbed in an article as “the post-waxing mistake.” And it goes without saying, we definitely agree.

And what’s that?

Don’t exercise after waxing.

It’s a definite no-no.


Because working out can lead to post-wax irritation.

No, thank you.

Waxing removes hair from the root. This essentially causes “micro-wounds in the skin,” Kristanne Thompson, a licensed esthetician at NYC’s The Spa at Equinox Greenwich Avenue, shares with Equinox in the aforementioned article.

And exercising in the hours following your appointment can cause sweat to “transfer bacteria from the skin into these lesions. Once that happens, you’re at risk of developing pimples and folliculitis, in which the hair follicles become infected,” Equinox explains.

And not only can a post-wax workout irritate the hair follicles, other elements that stem from exercise—chafing, friction, etc.—can potentially cause ingrown hairs.

Instead, Equinox advises that you schedule your wax appointment on a workout rest day.

But what if I’m waxing, say, my eyebrows? you ask. I can still head to the gym, no?


“This holds true no matter what body part is being treated,” says Equinox.

Thompson recommends waiting at least 24 hours before a super-intense session at the gym. This gives skin time to heal. If you can’t hold out that long, low-intensity workouts like restorative yoga are your best bet.



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