When Should I Wax? What You Need to Know

When Should I Wax? What You Need to Know

It might be frigid where you’re located, the temps dipping as we speak. (Ugh, we’re sorry.) But how to heat yourself up just a bit? EveryBODY, schedule a wax. Because you should do so. Even in winter.

Hear us out: It’s warm somewhere. So let’s wax, shall we? Giving yourself a smooth body will make you feel like you’re ready for a warm tropical vacay somewhere. Placebo effect and whatnot.

And, what’s even more important, spring break is coming. Sooner than you think. And you need to establish your wax routine in advance of that.

Here’s why:

You may not realize it, but your hair grows in varied cycles. So even if you get a wax, there’s hair growing beneath your skin’s surface that will quickly make its way above-surface. (Ever get irked about the stubble showing up all-too-soon post-appointment? This is why.)

It actually takes about three waxes to get your hair growing in the same cycle. Once it grows identically, your wax specialists will be able to remove all hair from the root. And the more the hair is ripped from the root, the more damaged (or deadened) the follicle. The more damaged the follicle, the (typically) thinner and finer the regrowth. It’s weaker and sparser (woo-hoo!); over time, your hair may stop growing altogether. Hence, keeping you hair-free, smoother, longer, with an extended wait time between appointments.

The moral of the story: It’s a process. And the sooner you start your wax routine, the better.

(Plus the more you wax, the less painful it is.)

…Now, believe us, we get it. It’s super easy to cover up in the colder weather. To slap on those sweatpants and not shave, let alone wax. But don’t make that excuse.

(And, hint, hint: As soon as spring break hits, summer’s around the corner. So don’t give up your wax routine even after that spring break vacay ends.)




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