Waxxpot: A Look Inside Our Wax Salon

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We don’t mean to brag, but we just have to ask, have you seen a Waxxpot? We have wax salons in Austin, Beavercreek, Dayton, Denver, Sandy Springs and various Columbus locations. And each wax salon is amazing. We’re not just saying so. (And yes, full disclosure here: We realize we’re biased. But hear us out.)

So have you been to a Waxxpot? You really should come in and not just for one of the impeccable waxing services. Visit us and check out the oh-so-sleek wax salon interiors.

Because, seriously, we would model our house after the Waxxpot design. (A brow bar could come in handy in our place, right?)

Ok, maybe exclude the brow bar. But the entirety of Waxxpot’s relaxed esthetic and feel. Totally on point with the design look that we dream of having in our home.

Why do we love Waxxpot’s design so much? For many reasons, but here are just a few:

  • Crisp white interiors (with subtle hints of gray). Super chic without being stark.
  • Pops of bright greens and yellows. You know, because we’re fun.
  • The shiplap. Most likely ‘cuz we’ve been in mourning since Fixer Upper ended.
  • Modern, stylish furniture that’s actually comfy while looking good. If we could carry it out on our backs post-wax appointment, we’d probably steal it.
  • An overall clean, laidback vibe. It immediately sets us at ease and makes us feel confident. (Ok, so that example’s not technically design-related but rather applies to overall ambience. Our bad.)

What else will you find at our wax salon? A team of highly trained wax specialists who are dedicated to making you look and feel your best. They’re friendly, professional, approachable and the best in the waxing business. And, it goes without saying, a team 100% devoted to welcoming everybody and every BODY.

So stop in at a Waxxpot—come see us in person and decide for yourself. We think you’ll love it.




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