It’s Sweatpants Weather. You Should Still Wax.

benefits of getting waxed

Hey there, Fall. And hi to sweater weather, bonfires, pumpkin picking and beanies (we adore a good beanie). We’re adding all these extra layers to our wardrobes—flannels, sweatpants, wool socks, cute little booties—to keep warm and cozy. Thus, the temptation sets in to let your hair grow out to an absurdly long length, then cover it up with layers, right? Nope. Don’t fall for that. The benefits of getting waxed apply year round, even in autumn.

Resist the allure to hide your hairy-slash-stubbly self underneath the extra clothes. Because let’s be real, you’re not a bear hibernating as the weather cools; you’re a human being. Waxing during the fall season makes complete sense. So grow out that hair to an appropriate length only (1/4 of an inch works), then heat up your wax routine. Leg waxing. Eyebrow waxing. Bikini line waxing. Find your thing, and maintain it.

Benefits of Getting Waxed, Even in the Fall

*Life’s inconsistent enough (especially now). One thing you can manage is the smoothness of your skin. Or how fab your brows or lashes look.

*Hairs grow in different cycles. Strange, we know. But that’s the reason you may see stubble after waxing creep up quite quickly post-appointment; the hair just below your skin’s surface has ultimately decided to grace you with its presence. As a result, it’ll take a few waxes to establish the same growth cycle for all hairs. Get started now with a consistent wax routine, and you’ll soon be able to go longer between wax appointments. (That’s just one of the benefits of getting waxed. Plus, it’s ideal, as the holiday season, and your schedule, gets more hectic!)

*Speaking of holidays, waxing now gets you prepped for the upcoming festivities. And who doesn’t want a confidence boost when gathering around friends and fam?

*Waxing come autumn gives you a head start for the new year. Let’s kick off 2021 on a good note, shall we?

To recap: Fall is a great time to grow out your hair (again, don’t go crazy—1/4 of an inch is long enough), then get your cute little self to Waxxpot.



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