Chemical vs. Physical Exfoliation

chemical vs. physical exfoliation

We all know that exfoliating is key to achieving and maintaining youthful, radiant skin. But did you know there are two kinds of exfoliants? Your Fairy Waxxmother is here to give you the scoop on both chemical and physical exfoliation and the benefits of each.

What Is Chemical Exfoliation?

Chemical exfoliants feature hydroxy acids and fruit enzymes as their secret weapons:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), like glycolic and lactic acids, dissolve protein bonds between dead skin cells (a perfect fix for dry skin!).
  • Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs), like salicylic acid, will be your skin’s bestie if banishing acne and controlling oil is your mission. These powerhouses not only exfoliate but also bring anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory swagger to the table.
  • Enzyme exfoliants derived from papain and bromelain offer a gentle touch without compromising effectiveness for those with sensitive skin.

What Is Physical Exfoliation?

Physical exfoliation involves manually removing dead skin cells and debris from the skin’s surface. This can be done using washcloths, loofahs, sponges, and brushes, as well as with products containing exfoliating particles such as sugar, salt, or coffee. A gentle sugar scrub like Waxxpot’s new SMOOTH Exfoliator provides immediate gratification (it’s called SMOOTH for a reason!) by promoting all-over silky soft skin.

Can You Use Both?

There’s no need to choose sides In the chemical vs. physical debate – you can (and should) use them together! Start your routine with a physical exfoliant, priming the skin by removing that initial layer of dullness. Then apply a chemical exfoliant to refine your skin’s surface. I recommend Waxxpot’s PREVENT Ingrown Hair Serum to fight bumps and blemishes.

Waxxpot Body Collection

Waxxpot Body Collection

Chemical and physical exfoliation each have unique benefits and pack a skin-polishing punch when used together. Waxxpot’s SMOOTH Exfoliant and PREVENT Ingrown Hair Serum are two such products that work well with each other and can be picked up at any Waxxpot location. Just add getting waxed to the mix (waxing is a physical exfoliant!) to unlock your best, smoothest self!

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