Men’s Waxing Services

Guess what, men—waxing applies to you, too. Smooth skin looks good on everyBODY. Banish stubble and razor burn, bring on the well-groomed appearance.

Benefits of Male Wax Service

Toss razor. Schedule wax. Get smooth.

  • No more irritating razor burn or itchy stubble.
  • Skip shaving—hair removal results last around three weeks.
  • No more tweaking your neck or getting in uncomfortable yoga-like positions to wax or shave those can’t-possibly-reach spots.
  • Waxing is quicker and more precise.
  • Slower regrowth. Wax regularly, and your hair will grow back softer, finer and less coarse.
  • Waxing exfoliates the skin, sloughing away any dead cells on the epidermis.
  • Get on a regular waxing routine and future clean-ups will be easier and less uncomfortable.

Good to Know

  • Nix the DIY wax: Don’t try this at home, guys. Uneven brows, ingrown hairs in sensitive areas, hard-to-reach back and shoulders…make it easy on yourself and head to the wax specialist.
  • How it works: Hard or soft wax applied to treatment area. Hair quickly removed in the direction opposite the hair growth. Any remaining wax is wiped away. Hello, smooth, in mere minutes.
  • How bad does waxing hurt? Initial discomfort typically goes away the more you wax. (That scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin? Total overkill.)

Men’s Services

Manscaping is here to stay. Browse our extensive menu, from brows to manzilians.

Brazilian (p)


Bikini line (P)




Brow tweeze


Brow tint


Brow wax and tint






lash tint


lash lift


lash lift and tint


arms (Half/Full)

$36 / $45

legs (half/full)

$45 / $75

back (lower/Full)

$24 / $62



Stomach (strip/full)

$12 / $25





inner thigh












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