Men’s Waxing Services

Guess what, men—waxing applies to you, too. Smooth skin looks good on everyBODY. Banish stubble and razor burn, bring on the well-groomed appearance.

Benefits of Male Wax Service

Toss razor. Schedule wax. Get smooth.

  • No more irritating razor burn or itchy stubble.
  • Skip shaving—hair removal results last around three weeks.
  • No more tweaking your neck or getting in uncomfortable yoga-like positions to wax or shave those can’t-possibly-reach spots.
  • Waxing is quicker and more precise.
  • Slower regrowth. Wax regularly, and your hair will grow back softer, finer and less coarse.
  • Waxing exfoliates the skin, sloughing away any dead cells on the epidermis.
  • Get on a regular waxing routine and future clean-ups will be easier and less uncomfortable.

Good to Know

  • Nix the DIY wax: Don’t try this at home, guys. Uneven brows, ingrown hairs in sensitive areas, hard-to-reach back and shoulders…make it easy on yourself and head to the wax specialist.
  • How it works: Hard or soft wax applied to treatment area. Hair quickly removed in the direction opposite the hair growth. Any remaining wax is wiped away. Hello, smooth, in mere minutes.
  • How bad does waxing hurt? Initial discomfort typically goes away the more you wax. (That scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin? Total overkill.)

Men’s Services

Manscaping is here to stay. Browse our extensive menu, from brows to manzilians.

Arms (Half/Full)

$37 / $42

Back (Full)


Back (Lower)


Bikini (Line)




Brazilian & Glutes






Glutes (Cheeks)


Glutes (Crack)




Legs (Half/Full)

$48 / $78



Stomach (Full)


Stomach Strip










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