14 Incredibly Easy Ways to Show Self-Care Love This Valentine’s Day


February 14. Valentine’s Day is Cupid’s day. And couples. Hallmark’s. And yours! Whether you’re self-partnered (serious gratitude to Emma Watson for that genius term) or have a significant other, consider this an extra-special day to show self-care love. Start with these 14 (incredibly easy!) self-care ideas. (And then incorporate them into life beyond Valentine’s Day. Because self-care love needs celebrating 365 days a year, not just when Cupid makes his grand debut.)

And don’t worry: As we said, these self-care tips are super-simple. We know you’re busy. But take a moment for yourself. No one deserves it more.💛

Easy Ways to Show Self-Care Love

*Put the tunes on full blast and dance it out. We have a Waxxpot self-care playlist if you need some inspo.

*Hold a yoga pose for 30 seconds. (Feeling really motivated? Do 2, even if the second one is simply child’s pose.)

*Sip your first cup of a.m. coffee without checking your work email. Try it. We dare ya.

*Yes, we’re going to include waxing on this list, natch. And for good reason: We’re steadfast in our belief that waxing and self-care go hand in hand. Call it our obsession if you must.

You might not yet realize it, but a wax appointment is the perfect way to treat yourself. (Especially for Valentine’s Day—because let’s be honest, your one true love? Smooth skin. We totally get it and are right there with you.)

Schedule your self-care love, whether it’s an eyebrow wax, Brazilian wax, leg wax…do it for yourself first, and, ok, perhaps a bit for that special someone, too. Valentine’s Day will be different this year—spent at home, not on the town—so snuggle up to your significant other without worrying stubble is about to ruin the moment. (And if you’re new to Waxxpot, receive 25% off your ENTIRE first visit [!]. Customers can also take advantage of a current promo running through 2/14: Add select services for just $9!)

*Drink a (full) glass of water. You’ll feel better instantly, not to mention hydrated (is that your skin we see glowing?).

*Belt out your fave song in the shower. At the top of your lungs. Then pretend your shampoo bottle is a Grammy and deliver your acceptance speech.

*Send out Valentines this year. Remember how excited you were as a kid receiving V-Day cards? Create that childlike feeling for your loved ones. Do something sweet and unexpected for someone else—it makes a big impact on your own happiness.

*Say no without feeling guilty. Yes, it’s difficult, but sometimes you need to cut yourself a break and put you first.

*Turn off your phone. For one.whole.hour. It’s okay. You can do it. If that’s just too darn impossible, try it for 30 minutes.

*Organize/declutter something. Your cosmetics bag. The drawer of takeout menus. Your inbox. Then pat yourself on the back for being so productive.

*Wash and change your sheets. It’s likely your least favorite of chores, but it’s worth it.

*Lift your mood by calling up a friend for great conversation and a good laugh. Empowering, no?

*Put essential oils in a diffuser (lavender, ylang ylang and neroli oils are excellent picks to combat stress and anxiety) and breathe deeply.

*Reread about the benefits of self-love. The effect it has on our wellbeing is astounding.

Like we said, easy ways to show self-care love, no?



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