Will Waxing Stop My Hair from Growing?

does waxing stop hair growth

It’s the age-old question: Will waxing stop my hair from growing?

The truth? Possibly. Factors certainly play into this (meaning: results vary per individual, so there’s no guarantee), but experts have argued that consistent waxing over an extended period of time can potentially stop hair from growing for good.

So what’s the science behind this (rather bold) statement? It’s backed by the basic principle of waxing. This type of hair removal method eliminates hair from the root.* And from there on, it’s a chain of events.

Does waxing stop hair from growing?

Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of the hair removal-slash-regrowth process.

Firstly, you wax. (At a professional establishment only, obvi.) So find a waxing salon near you.

Then you commit to a hair removal schedule, returning to your fave waxing salon (ahem, Waxxpot 😉😉) about every four weeks. (This timeframe allows for your hair to grow to the appropriate 1/4″ length necessary for wax to fully grab on to it.)

Now stick with that schedule. Because some insight here: After that initial wax, it does take a few appointments to get your hair growing in the same cycle, i.e., at the same rate. (If you’ve ever seen random hairs showing up waaay too soon after your wax, you know what we speak of. Don’t curse your waxer or swear off waxing forever—that random stubble is just those bothersome hairs that were growing underneath the skin’s surface when you went in for your appointment. They’ve now sprouted. It happens. (It’s natural). Maintain a regular wax routine, get everything growing in the same cycle, and you’re golden.

Finally, as you continue waxing regularly, you’ll notice your hair regrowth coming in finer, softer, weaker, less pigmented, slower…allowing you to stay smoother, longer. You’ll be able to push future wax appointments out further and further.

And ultimately the hair may stop growing altogether.

Now, hear us out: Even if your hair doesn’t stop sprouting for good in the long run (a lot depends on age, genetics, area being waxed, etc.), consider this: Waxing makes your skin insanely smooth for an extended amount of time. No next-day shaving stubble. No anxiety about getting too close to someone while feeling fuzzy, whether it’s your legs or your ‘stache.

The results from waxing are totally worth it.



*It also exfoliates your skin. Learn more about the benefits of waxing (and, seriously, prepare to be amazed).

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