Ingrown Hair Care: Do THIS Immediately After Waxing

prevent ingrown hair tips

Ingrown hair. Yes, everyBODY, we’re (begrudgingly) broaching the subject. Those sometimes-painful-slash-always-annoying ingrown hairs. The bane of your (and our) existence and a self-confidence diminisher if there ever was one. But don’t worry—we’ve got you! Brush aside any apprehension or anxiety you may have about hair removal and ingrown hair and strut yourself straight into a wax salon. Follow these few, super-simple steps following your bikini line or Brazilian wax and help prevent irritating ingrown hair(s).

Prevent Ingrown Hair: 6 Easy Solutions

*DON’T TOUCH. You can certainly look and admire your fab, fuzz-free self (we totally encourage that!)—but, seriously, keep your hands off the freshly waxed area. Itching, scratching, touching…this all can cause irritation to newly smooth and potentially sensitive skin.

*Embrace loose clothing, preferably for a few days. Comfy, breathable material like cotton is your new BFF.

*Reschedule that workout. Sweating is a no-no immediately following a bikini line wax or Brazilian wax. Hair follicles need time to close. Plus, any friction can irritate the skin.

*Expanding on the previous point, skip further endeavors that may make you sweat for about 24 hours. Yes, that means sexual activity, saunas, steam rooms, hot showers/tubs, tanning beds, etc., etc.

*Apply Soothe by Waxxpot After Wax aftercare antiseptic solution. A post-shower application a couple of times weekly will help kill bacteria, combat irritation, prevent ingrown hair and (befitting of its name) soothe skin.

*Eliminate the razor. No, really. If there’s any tip you should truly allow to sink in, this is it. Throw the razor away so you don’t shave in between your wax appointments. What can happen if you do so? Yup, you guessed it: ingrown hairs.

Follow these six tips to say good riddance to ingrown hair (and hello, fuzz-free skin)!



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