How to Save Money on Hair Removal

Get waxed and save money on hair removal

Yes, getting waxed costs some money upfront… but did you know that it’s actually a very budget-friendly hair removal option? Probably the most budget-friendly there is, in fact! Here are a few secrets (plus some tips and tricks) on how getting waxed can actually save you money in the long run.

Get Rid of Razors

Raise your hand if you’ve ever spent a small fortune on razor blades that seem to dull faster than a bad movie plot! When you opt to get waxed, you can bid farewell to that annoying regular expense. A good wax can keep you hair-free for weeks (or even months!), meaning you can likely ditch your razor completely. Cha-ching!

Take Care of Your Skin Between Waxes

You can reduce costs even further by showing your skin some TLC in between waxes. A good skincare routine that includes moisturizing and exfoliating doesn’t just make your skin extra silky and smooth – it can also slow regrowth and visibly reduce hair thickness! That means you can space waxes farther apart (and spend less often!). I highly recommend all of the Waxxpot Body Collection products, especially our brand new SMOOTH Exfoliant.

Waxxpot Body Collection

Make your wax last with the Waxxpot Body Collection!

Save Time, Save Money

Let’s not forget the most precious resource of all—time! Shaving can be a daily or weekly ritual, depending on your hair growth. But getting waxed can completely eliminate this time suck, and free up your schedule! Think about all the extra minutes (or hours) you’ll save by not having to wield a razor every few days. Time is money, folks, and waxing gives you more of it!

Purchase WaxxPaxx

Getting waxed is already one of the most economical hair removal options, but when you add in extra savings, it can’t be beat! A great way to save big (and get FREE waxes!) at Waxxpot is by purchasing WaxxPaxx. And here’s the great news: all WaxxPaxx are currently 25% off until the end of this year! Buy 6 waxes and get 2 free, or (better yet) buy 9 and get 3 free! Also make sure to ask about our WaxxPaxx payment plans.

So, not only does getting waxed leave you with smoother, longer-lasting results, but it also gives your wallet a break from the constant shave-and-spend cycle. And at Waxxpot, we offer so many extra ways to save – it’s really a no-brainer! Ready to watch those savings grow along with your newfound confidence?

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