Here’s How Getting Waxed Saves Time and Money

Waxing saves time and money

One of the best things about getting waxed (besides being flawlessly smooth) is NOT shaving. On top of the obvious downsides like cuts and razor burn, shaving is more expensive and more time-consuming than waxing. Here’s how it breaks down:

Cost Per Month

  • Shaving: When you add up the expenses of buying a razor, blades, shaving cream and moisturizer, you can plan on shaving costing you an average of $30/month.
  • Waxing: It depends on which services you choose, but if you go with WaxxPaxx (and why would you pass up a deal?), getting waxed can average out to around $15-$30/month. Here’s the thing: WaxxPaxx go on sale multiple times a year. In fact, they’re on sale right now until the end of June! Buy one now, and waxing is definitively cheaper than shaving.



Time Per Month

  • Shaving: Most people have to shave 5-10 minutes every day or every other day to stay hair-free. At best, that’s 75 minutes per month. At worst, it’s hours.
  • Waxing: In total, a wax appointment usually takes no longer than 15-20 minutes. Waxed hair grows back slower and sparser, so you won’t need to get waxed every month. But for the sake of comparison, let’s say you have five appointments a year. That averages to less than 10 minutes per month.



Waxing vs. Shaving: Overall Results

Forget about time and money for a second. Another huge benefit of waxing is that it leads to fewer ingrown hairs and less irritation than shaving. It’s really the only way to achieve absolutely smooth skin for longer (much longer!) than one day.

Ready to ditch your razor? I thought so! 😉 I mean, who doesn’t want more time and money??

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