5 Reasons Life Is Better When You Don’t Have to Shave

Life is better when you don't have to shave

Shaving is the worst. Prove us wrong. We’re here to tell you there are much better ways of staying smooth (namely, waxing!). It’s time to drop the razors, friends. The decision to stop shaving is truly life-changing, and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Your Morning Routine is Shorter.

No more marathon morning showers! You’d be surprised how much time is saved when you don’t have to shave your legs. And your underarms. And bikini line. And everywhere else you want to be smooth. Set your alarm for 15 minutes later and soak up that extra slumber.

2. No Cuts. No Razor Burn.

A little carelessness when you’re shaving can lead to a lot of bumpy, itchy razor burn, not to mention cuts. Let’s not recreate the shower scene from Psycho, shall we?

We guarantee this: waxing never involves blood, which is always a good thing.

3. Waxing Means You’re Always Smooth.

We’ve all resorted to a quick panic shave after a last-minute date, workout or pool day has created a hairy situation. No more of this! Take a page from the Boy Scout handbook and always be prepared. When you get waxed instead of shave, you’ll always be smooth enough to show some skin without advance notice.

4. And Not Just Smooth – Flawlessly Smooth.

Real talk: shaving rarely results in perfectly smooth skin. Some places are really hard to reach. Sometimes you space out in the shower and miss an entire section of your left leg. It happens. Unless, of course, you get waxed. Our Waxx Specialists leave no hairs behind – no matter how small or fine!

5. Waxing Declutters Your Shower. And Your Life.

Think of how freeing it will be to toss your razor, refill cartridges, and shave gel and have a little extra space on your shower shelf! Plus, you won’t have to worry about constantly restocking these items (and inevitably spending way more than you planned when you’re forced to make a last-minute Target run).

Ready to banish shaving from your life for good? It’s about time!

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