Bikini Wax: Expectations vs. Reality

Bikini wax: reality vs. expectations

If you’ve never had a bikini wax before, you might be picturing some sort of supremely awkward torture scenario. You also might be wrong. Ok, you’re definitely 100% wrong. (Not even a little right. Sorry.)

We get that paying a stranger to have a close encounter with your nether regions is not within everyone’s comfort zone. But before you let your imagination run wild with what it might be like, here’s the actual reality:

Your Expectation: The waxing salon will either be cold and sterile or kiiinda sketchy.

Reality: Waxxpot salons are actually enjoyable places to be (we made them that way on purpose)! All of our locations are bright, modern, chic, comfy and super clean – you actually might not want to leave.

Inside a Waxxpot salon

Looks nice, right?

Your Expectation: You can keep your undies on during a bikini wax.

Reality: It all comes off from the waist down. Maybe not what you wanted to hear, but underwear would get in the way of your Waxx Specialist doing a thorough job. Plus, they’d get covered in wax. So yeah.

Your Expectation: It’s going to be awkward.

Reality: It’s not! (Really.) Our Waxx Specialists wax people’s bikini areas (and other areas) all day long. They’ve seen it all, and they don’t judge. All they’re concerned with is doing a good job and helping you feel comfortable. Plus, our Waxx Specialists are really nice! After chatting through your bikini wax, you may just end up with a new best friend.

Your Expectation: Waxing is super painful.

Reality: It’s honestly not bad. We’re not saying no pain, but the process is so quick that any discomfort you feel is gone as fast as it came. Waxx Specialists know just what to do to soothe your skin right after waxing. And the more you get waxed, the less it hurts!

Your Expectation: Your bikini line will be perfectly smooth and ready for the beach.

Reality: There will likely be some irritation for a day or two, especially after your first time. You’ll also need to avoid the beach, pool, or anywhere else that would expose vulnerable skin to irritants and infection. But after 48 hours, yes, you’ll be smooth and ready for the beach!

So there you have it. Ready to try a bikini wax? (You won’t regret it!)

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