The Secret Benefits of Waxing

Fairy Waxxmother's Secret Benefits of Waxing

When it comes to being hair-free and silky smooth, waxing is always my go-to. But (lean closer) I’m going to let you in on a little secret: quick hair removal is just one benefit of waxing! Yes, there are other huge perks that you probably don’t know about. Make that didn’t know about –

Your Fairy Waxxmother is here to fill you in on all the Waxx Facts!

    • Exfoliation station – Not only does waxing remove hair, but it also gets rid of dry, dead skin cells, leaving behind fresh new skin. This new skin is amazing at absorbing moisture and staying hydrated so you can keep that dewy glow – even in the middle of winter!
    • Flawless face – I love when everything’s just peachy… unless we’re talking about your face, that is. A face wax takes care of that unwanted fuzz for softer, smoother skin that makes makeup application so much easier. It’s like having a built-in primer! As an added bonus, waxing your chin and the outside of your nose will help get rid of blackheads. Who’s ready for their close-up?
    • Slow the grow – If waxed regularly, hair will start to grow back slower, finer and thinner because it’s pulled out at the root (as opposed to shaving, which just removes hair at the surface of your skin). If you play the long game, waxing means less maintenance over time, and who doesn’t love that?
    • Bumps be gone – Many people who shave experience rashes, irritation and ingrown hairs. Itchy, red bumps? Hello red flag! Thank goodness waxing results in fewer ingrowns, no rashes and no itching. Just complete smooooth for days (and by days we mean weeks or months!).

Ta-daaa! As your Fairy Waxxmother, it’s my job to show you the magic of staying smooth. Now that the secret benefits of waxing are secrets no more, you’re probably dying to get started on that wax routine! By all means – book now!


Fairy Waxxmother

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