When Should I Wax Before a Beach Vacay?

When Should I Wax Before a Beach Vacay?

Your hairy self called? No worries, your Fairy Waxxmother’s here! In this round of Waxx Me Anything, I’m clearing up a super-popular question: When should I wax? As in, how far in advance should you book your hair removal appointment before an event (vacation, wedding, etc.)

So here we go!

You Ask, Your Fairy Waxxmother Answers


Dear Fairy Waxxmother,

I have a beach destination wedding to attend in May. How early should I start waxing?


Bridesmaid in Denver


Brilliant question! (And no doubt you’ll be the cutest bridesmaid ever.)

Here’s the thing about waxing: Your hair grows in cycles and it needs “trained” to grow at the same rate. Sound difficult? No worries! Here’s how to do so:

Come in for your initial wax. (Get pampered, feel fabulous—that’s what Waxxpot is all about.) Consult with your Waxx Specialist on when you should book your next wax appointment (typically 4-6 weeks out). Then schedule right then and there your next service, and you’ll be well on your way to establishing your wax routine.

So why wax so far out from your event? Well, because it’s going to take a few waxes to get your hair growing on the same cycle. Once you do, you’ll stay smoother, longer in between appointments. Keep going and hair may stop growing altogether.

Don’t delay—start your wax routine now!

More questions for me? Stop what you’re doing and waxx me anything! Comment or DM on social and use #fairywaxxmother and #WaxxMeAnything.

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