7 Reasons You’ll Want to Start a Wax Routine RN

waxing hair benefits

Life is busy (total understatement, we’re well aware). Things get in the way: work, family, social commitments…stubble. When those unwanted (absolutely irritating) hairs arise, you then realize weeks (um, and weeks) have passed since your last wax appointment. Your once-smooth self you adored has turned to a prickly state that has turned to sheer wildness that needs serious taming, like, RN. Never get stuck in that situation again: We’re revealing the reasons why you must stick to a waxing routine. Yes, we said must. Not being preachy here, it’s just super-important to wax consistently. The waxing hair benefits are totally worth it, we promise.

Waxing Hair Benefits: Why You Need a Wax Routine

  1. Slows down hair growth. Wax frequently and you may soon realize your skin remains hair-free for lengthier periods of time. Smoother, longer? Uh, yes, please, and now.
  2. Hair may stop growing completely. (Yaaaas.)
  3. Creates softer, lighter, less dense hair regrowth. Waxing removes hair at the root, damaging the hair follicle whilst doing so, and therefore, causing the hair to thin.
  4. Makes waxing less uncomfortable. The thinner the hair, the less uncomfortable your future wax appointments. (See how everything works in tandem when it comes to waxing? Again, maintain that wax routine!)
  5. Prompts hair to grow on the same cycle. Your hair grows in random, chaotic stages, all at their own pace and time (even more so if you’re a shaver). Kind of annoying, right? Well, waxing is the solution. This hair removal method coaxes your hair to grow at the same rate. (About 1 to 3 continuous waxes in a row is what’s needed to get hair growing at the same time. Your Waxx Specialist will recommend how far out you should schedule each appointment.) Stay on track, and you’ll eliminate any random stray hairs or stragglers, and (bonus!) it’ll help prevent ingrown hairs.
  6. Saves you time (and money) in the long run. Various numbers have been floated around, but one study suggested women spend 72 days shaving their legs (just their legs!) over their lifetime. Soak that statistic in. Then put Waxxpot on speed dial. (We’ll wait. Book your wax appointment now.)
  7. Waxing is a routine, not a one-off. And self-care is a necessity, not an indulgence—it’s not something to schedule on the rare occasion. A Waxxpot appointment allows for some much-deserved me-time! Remember, it’s not selfish, it’s self-care. 💛

Our advice on how to wax on the regular? When checking out at your wax appointment, schedule your next one. Yes, right then and there. That way, it’s already in the books (i.e., your phone), and you’ll have no excuses to go too long between waxes.

Or, simply book your wax today!



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