What to Do before an Eyebrow Wax

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We’ve been on an eyebrow kick as of late. We can only assume it’s because we’ve grown serious Groucho Marx-esque brows over the last few months amidst COVID-19 quarantining. Thankful AF we weren’t going out in public (but slightly embarrassed about how we looked on Zoom calls). But it’s ok: We’ve recovered and returned to our groomed, tidy-brows self (thanks Waxxpot!).

Because it should be stated that eyebrows truly are one of the most (if not the most) important facial features. And it takes more than tweezers and a mirror to make them look their best. So book that brow appointment. And then follow these best practices before you go.

What to Do before an Eyebrow Wax

Numerous articles focus on how to prep before a bikini wax or Brazilian wax. Length of hair before waxing. When to exfoliate. When to moisturize (and when not to). We ourselves have brought up the topic on the Waxxpot Blog. And we get it: Pre-bikini/Brazilian wax steps are vital. But what to do before an eyebrow wax is equally important.

  1. Know before you go: Like different bikini wax styles, there are various eyebrow shapes. Decide what type of brow shape you want and what works for you. (Tip: Make it easy on yourself and view our different brow shapes guide.) If unsure of which brow shape works best for your face, don’t fret. Your wax aesthetician can help steer you in the right direction.
  2. Hair length matters with a brow wax just as it does when prepping for a bikini one. Attempt to grow out your brow hair to 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch in order for the wax to hold the hair properly.
  3. Lay off the cosmetics if you can (particularly eyeshadow, brow filler or brow powder). It’s best to arrive to your appointment makeup-free. You want your aesthetician-slash-waxxpert to actually see what hair—baby hairs included—you have and what needs removed, right? Yes, you might be thinking, “But my waxxpert will clean my brows before my wax anyway, won’t she?”. That’s correct—but, unfortunately, any makeup residue can still clog freshly opened pores.
  4. Honesty is the only policy. Inform your aesthetician if you’re taking topical facial and/or skincare medications like Retin-A, Accutane, etc.; using semi- or potent exfoliants like salicylic, alpha hydroxy or glycolic acids; or have any skin conditions. You may not think it matters but it does. Why? Some skincare ingredients or prescriptions can make skin overly sensitive or cause it to peel. You don’t want waxing to exacerbate it further.
  5. Same goes for if you’ve recently had Botox, injectables, dermabrasion or other cosmetic/facial treatments performed on and/or around the unwanted hair area. Discuss with your waxxpert when you should come in if you’ve partaken in one of these skincare treatments.
  6. Let’s not bake in the sun. There’s no way you’ll want to wax sunburnt skin (or that an aesthetician will do so). Wait a couple of days so your skin can heal.
  7. Self-tanning before your wax? Probs not your best move, either. Waxing can remove the self-tanner hue right along with unwanted hairs.
  8. Avoid tweezing between waxes: Plucking a stray brow here and there is fine in an emergency (aka, when we’re under a stay-at-home order). But here’s the thing: It’s super-easy to become overzealous with the tweezers and go pluck wild. And it takes months for the brow hairs to grow back. Better to let your waxxpert do it for you.



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