Is Waxing When Pregnant Safe?

waxing when pregnant

Hello, hello! Your Fairy Waxxmother here with another round of Waxx Me Anything to help you live smoothly ever after. Waxing when pregnant is the topic today. Read on as I respond to a new question from one of our fab Waxxpot customers!

You Ask, Your Fairy Waxxmother Answers


Dear Fairy Waxxmother,

Is waxing safe when pregnant?

Mom-to-be in Dayton


First let your Fairy Waxxmother say congrats to you and your growing family! Furthermore, yes, you can absolutely wax if you’re pregnant. (A baby bump and beautiful skin go together fabulously.)

Just note your skin may be more tender or sensitive due to all those amazing hormonal changes pregnancy brings. It’s also best to make your Waxx Specialist aware of this special time—she’ll make you feel as comfortable as possible during your appointment (while making you as smooth as ever!).

And, of course, it’s always best to check with your physician first.

Congrats again from me and your entire Waxxpot family!

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