Your Ultimate Skincare Guide (When It Comes to Waxing)

waxxpot skincare guide

Hello, hello, from your Fairy Waxxmother! I’m back with a little bit of fairydust and a whole lot of smooth—and tips to help you obtain your smoothest, healthiest skin. Hence, your essential, step-by-step skincare guide!

EveryBODY’s skin type is different, their concerns and goals unique. I totally get that, of course. But there are some standard rules that apply when it comes to skincare and waxing, ones that we all should follow (yes, your Fairy Waxxmother, included!).

So consider this graph your (our) ultimate skincare guide when it comes to waxing. Simple (and simply obtainable) steps you should adhere to on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. And what I think is the absolute best thing about our skincare guide? It includes products from our just-launched, custom-manufactured Waxxpot Body Collection!

Click here, read it, print it, screenshot it, enjoy! Here is Your Ultimate Skincare Guide.

And any questions for me? Waxx me anything! Reach out on social and ask away! #fairywaxxmother #waxxmeanythingwaxxpot skincare guide

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