Confessions of a Waxx Specialist: The Waxing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

waxing mistakes

They say you can’t choose your family…we say that’s entirely incorrect! Because here at Waxxpot, we select our Waxx Specialists and they’re totally family. And we couldn’t adore them more—our Waxx Specialists are exceptionally experienced, trained industry experts, consummate professionals and just all-around-fab. And to further elaborate on family, you know that big sister you turn to for advice? Well, that’s how we see our Waxx Specialists. So when they reveal their secrets (i.e., expertise) to us, we sit up and take note because they know their stuff. Like such: These are the 3 common waxing mistakes you need to avoid.

And because we think of you as fam, we’re sharing their insight with you.

3 Waxing Mistakes Pros Wish You’d Stop Making

Shaving in between services.
We get it. It’s extremely easy to pick up a razor when stubble or a stray-slash-unruly hair shows up. But please don’t. do. it. It’s sooo not worth it. JFYI, the second you shave, you’ll have to start all over again.

Yes, really. Here’s the story: After your initial wax, the majority of your skin should be smooth to the touch (yay!). But do remember that your hair is probs on different hair cycles, i.e., hairs are all growing randomly, at their own rate (just call your hair a wild child). Which means after your first wax you’ll likely see or feel hair regrowth sooner than you’d like. But don’t fret—the more you wax, the sooner all hair growth gets on the same cycle (typically 1-3 visits).

So stick to your routine; schedule now!

Halting your wax routine when the weather cools down.
Yes, it’s sweatpants/sweater/scarf/beanie season. Which means it’s also cozy-up-by-the-fire season. Which means it’s prob not a good idea to hibernate from your wax routine. Consider this: You’ve been dedicated to your hair removal schedule. You’ve put in the work to get your hair on the same growth cycle. So why start over? Keep going and remain smooth—as well as avoid discomfort, ingrowns and the coarse/unruly hair that can potentially come with stopping-then-starting your wax regimen.

Remember, waxing’s a routine, not a one-off. And the benefits of frequent waxing are so worth it (and go far beyond just being smooth).

Ignoring aftercare instructions.
Not following post-wax appointment advice is a major no-no. This mainly involves gentle exfoliation a couple times weekly—removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin initiates a fresher, healthier appearance and helps prevent ingrown hairs. You should also moisturize daily in between appointments to keep skin soft and halt hair breakage during your next wax. (Have to plug Waxxpot’s Hydrate Body Lotion here, not because it’s our exclusive, custom-manufactured product, but because it’s, quite simply, the best.)



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